On-line Tech tour around SCM for 400 students at Hungarian wood-working schools

Apr 7, 2021

From Hungary to Rimini, on a “virtual” tour of SCM's Headquarters to uncover the secrets of the 4.0 version of the wood-working industry. Thanks to excellent team work with the dealer, Anest, the on-line Tech Tour organised over the last few days by SCM for the Hungarian Wood-working Industries Association, was a huge success, with around 400 experts, industry professionals taking part, as well as some classes from Hungary's main wood-working schools.

Everything was organised in the smallest detail in order to offer an experience that was as close as possible to that which participants would have enjoyed if visiting in person. Massimo Gnoli, the Area Manager and Ambrogio Mastrodomenico, the Product Area Manager for the CNC machining centres simulated an actual tour. The first stop was the SCM Technology Center where a demo was given on the Group's latest key technologies in collaboration with its coordinator, Fabio Brugiafreddo. The tour then continued as far as the plant in Rimini where some of the most well-loved machining centres on the market originate from.

Here, SCM's experts explained the philosophy and the advantages that best distinguish the Group's industrial system: the most innovative aspects of "lean production", material management, flow organisation between storage and assembly stations and how 4.0 digitalisation is key to every production process stage of the technologies and services which have led the way globally for seventy years.

The participants of the on-line Tech tour could also connect with a historical customer of SCM, the company Prominent, to get a demonstration of the most modern SCM technologies they have purchased and to find out how the production processes of a leading company in the woodworking sector are evolving.

Best wishes from Rimini and thanks to our Hungarian partners in the hope that we can soon welcome them to our SCM headquarters in person and complete safety.