Live the "On the leading Edgebanding" event

Nov 22, 2019

Three whole days dedicated to new trends in furniture and design sectors which are increasingly relying on the industrial edgebanding process.

SCM's Smart Days held from 7 to 9 November at the production plant in Thiene (Vicenza), focused around the new “stefani cell”, state-of-the-art technology for flexible "batch 1" and Industry 4.0 edgebanding. Every furniture manufacturer's dream came true during the event: a chance to get a close look at the innovative solutions which combine maximum productivity, quality and infinite collections of colours, finishings and shapes. Thanks to demonstrations and in-depth explanations, there was also a chance to get a glimpse of furniture for the future: elegant, custom designed, 100% ecological and easy and pleasant to assemble. Furniture that "changes skin" and where timber always plays a key role thanks to SCM technologies: in edges, shaped profiles and finishings.

We can relive the innovations and emotions of that event. SCM technology: On the leading Edgebanding”!