People&Technology: the new SCM paradigm at Ligna.Stage

Jun 7, 2023

The latest edition of Ligna was an opportunity to discuss the most topical issues affecting the woodworking industry. On the Ligna.Stage it was therefore impossible to miss a reflection on how technology, digital transformation and Artificial Intelligence are revolutionising our lives both on a personal and working level.

"People and technology: a new paradigm": this was the topic discussed by SCM with Alessandra Benedetti, Digital & Customer Care director, Manuela Andreani, Digital Demand Generation manager, and Lorenzo Monti, Digital projects manager, in collaboration with Francesca Di Capua, Training&Development Manager of Scm Group.

What are the implications of living in an everything-connected world? Are we really ready to face the digital challenges and how can we keep up with the times?

It is true, algorithms seem to be taking over, yet the real difference continues to be made by people as well as their skills, creativity and ability to cope with big changes, such as those brought about by digital transformation. This is the message behind SCM's lecture, which places the synergy between human and digital at the centre of its Customer Care and Business Development vision.

Exploit opportunities, but how? Such as when we use AI embedded into a chatbot to sort and filter requests to quickly manage the answer by directing the request to the proper domain expert. Or how when AR is used to provide remote assistance with human and virtual content.

In all of this, digital training alone is not enough: the faster and more unpredictable the change, the more crucial skills such as creativity, resilience and courage prove to be. Those human, messy and unpredictable skills that no AI can replicate.