Nautical industry, SCM is a partner of Diesse Arredamenti’s 30th anniversary book

Feb 16, 2022

The Italian company Diesse Arredamenti, a historical business partner of SCM and a leader company in luxury yacht interior design, celebrates thirty years of success with the publication of a book dedicated to the entire industry: Talent and bravery – Diesse Arredamenti and the partners that make the Italian nautical industry great, edited by Maria Roberta Morso.

A book dedicated to the whole sector

The book was born to celebrate the hard work and the vision of all those people pulling together to give a voice and life to the Italian yachting industry, particularly those businesses born and developed on the Adriatic coast, creating a reputation for Italy as a world leader in premium yacht design and construction.

Central to this narrative is the story of Diesse Arredamenti which has played a leading role in the development of yacht design.

The benefits of an excellence supply chain

To create the sophisticated furnishings for equally sophisticated yachts, whose complexity increases year on year, what is needed is a concerted set of skills and technologies looking always toward the future.

SCM is one of the partner companies of Diesse Arredamenti illustrated in the book with the intervention "Anticipating the future" edited by the Director of SCM Engineering Bruno Tommasini.

Congratulations to Diesse Arredamenti for these first thirty years of achievements and constant evolution.