Tecnocut Smartline: born to redefine industry standards!

Nov 12, 2019

Tecnocut Smartline: born to redefine industry standards!

CMS is proud to announce its new waterjet cutting system Tecnocut Smartline, the fastest machine on the market while maintaining CMS’s renowed reputation of unparalleled construction and working quality.



  • Up to -30% cutting time thanks to 50 m/min rapid speed and 3 m/s2 acceleration, unique in its category
  • Position accuracy of ± 0.07 mm and repeatability of ± 0.05 mm which ensure constant quality standards
  • High Price/Performance ratio that makes Tecnocut Smartline the ultimate solution for all customers looking for a flexible and performing product



  • Available with 3 axis and new innovative infinite rotation JD5ax cutting head
  • Ready for the new zero-maintenance chain dredge for exhausted abrasive removal from tank
  • Compact design and monolith structure for easy install and simple commissioning
  • Available with multiple 3 axis cutting heads on a single Z axis