SCM Austria New Opening

13-16.03.2019 Traunuferstraße 109, 4052 Ansfelden (Linz)

New SCM branch in Austria

World leader in technologies for secondary wood processing, SCM further confirms and strengthens its presence in Austria with the opening of its first branch in this transalpine country.

The inauguration will be held from 13 to 16 March at the headquarters in Ansfelden (Linz), with an open house that will give the entire sales network and companies in the sector a chance to take a closer look at all the key aspects on offer, designed by SCM for the Austrian market: in particular, the most extensive international range of solutions for wood and a team of technicians and sales engineers, highly specialised in different technologies. Exclusive solutions and services that aim to accompany the client at all times, providing all the support, consulting and training required to optimise their production processes, as well as help him/her continually improve plant efficiency.

On the subject of this, the new SCM branch will also be able to rely on an exceptional Technology Center, another captivating attraction during these three Opening days, where clients will have a chance to test the plants directly.

“We regard the Austrian market as one of the most strategic for our international growth plan, where Europe continues to produce half of our turnover - highlights Luigi De Vito, SCM Division Director - , SCM is constantly at the service of every timber operator and, with the opening of this new branch, it is increasingly focused on becoming an important point of reference for its clients, guaranteeing a solid, highly professional presence throughout the Country as well as ensuring the best skills dedicated to all technologies linked to the panel and solid wood process”.


At the SCM headquarters in Austria, we can find a special selection of the vast and miscellaneous range offered by SCM in response to demands from the Austrian market.

Of the technologies for the panel, the strength of the morbidelli “All-in-one” solutions, that in a single model meets the needs of companies and craftsmen working in different sectors, is represented by the morbidelli m200 machining centre for drilling and milling which, thanks to the FAST 14 system, allows you to change a tool between one processing and the next in under 15 seconds, as well as providing a saving of 60% on drilling cycles thanks to the innovative easily equipable drilling heads. Lastly, the 5-axis electrospindle offers unbeatable power and precision for a perfect finishing every time.

The morbidelli cx100 for all drilling, blade cutting and vertical milling operations also makes its mark. In a machine with significantly reduced dimensions, it can guarantee very high productivity even on small batches, without the operator having to intervene in any way.

The SCM Austria Technology Center also has its top quality “ambassador” for solid wood processing, the quality material par excellence: we are referring to the accord 25 fx, the CNC machining centre that combines outstanding performance, production flexibility, digital innovation and industry 4.0 integrated with Maestro connect. Equipped with a “5-axis PRISMA” operator unit and automatic MATIC work table, it is the ideal machine for producing linear and arched doors, stairs, and windows.

All the SCM technologies for edgebanding guarantee a rapid, exact production with an eye constantly focused on high standards of quality. They can also be enhanced by the new eye-M operator panel with “21.5” multitouch display and HMI Maestro pro edge, for a 3D preview of the panel being machined.

The automated solutions include the stefani kd, the ideal edge bander for all those companies looking to produce a large number of panels that may also differ from one another. The advantages include the opportunity to use both EVA glue as well as polyurethane thanks to the SGP glue pot, AirFusion+ for a “zero glue” effect between the edge and panel, the groups with electronic axes that permit automatic set up for two different radii and machining of pieces in solid wood, up to 12mm thick. The edge bander is also fitted with the new machine entry bench to make it easy to work even on large sized panels. One of the completely new options available is the upper pressure belt to edge any kind of panel without restrictions.

Standing out is the efficiency and high versatility of the olimpic k 560 which, as well as AirFusion+, the SGP glue pot and the possibility of automatic set up with CN axes, also allows you to edge with solid wood up to 12mm.

The olimpic k 360, on the other hand, is worth pointing out to companies looking for compact sized models that are easy to use without losing anything in versatility and machining quality. It has an HMI touch that offers simple usage and is error free. It has a rounding unit that allows the panels to be finished completely and offers the opportunity to process panels coming from a nesting cycle.

All SCM edge banders can also be fitted with the innovative range of fastback panel return, to increase production efficiency by as much as 30% on the individual edge bander.

Two highly versatile and performing models for sanding that are worth pointing out. The sanding and calibrating dmc eurosystem, ideal for door, window and cupboard door manufacturers and for the panel industry in general: compact, versatile and modular - it can hold up to four operating units inside - is fitted with an external transversal unit, a komby unit and a super finisher unit, that make it particularly suitable for flexible production: from the calibrating/sanding of solid wood, to the sanding of veneered wood and from underneath, the removal of glues and adhesive products.

There is always a solution for those looking for high performance in more compact dimensions: dmc sd 70. It comes in four versions of two or three units and the 2,620mm belt length make this sander ideal for high quality finishings on solid wood and veneered wood.

There is no shortage of a concentrated selection of SCM machinery for carpentry in the Technology Center, world leader for its top of the range equipment, unique performance and continuous innovation. Confirmation of this comes from the stainless “L’invincibile”, evolved in its design and technological features, absolute point of reference on the market for precision, reliability and safety, and the profiset 40ep, 4-spindle, 10 mm profiling automatic planer with vertical spindles, capable of automatically controlling the work sections.



dmc sd 70

Automatic sanding and calibrating machines

Its high level of versatility makes dmc sd 70 perfect for different types of machining. In the furniture sector (with veneered and painted panels) it excels in the provision of optimum level finishing thanks to the 2.620 mm sanding belt length and...

Automatic Planer up to 6 Spindles Profiset - SCM Group

profiset 60

Throughfeed moulders

profiset 60 Automatic planer and throughfeed moulder up to 6 spindles, available in four compositions with possibility to preset the profiling on the top horizontal spindle (option)

Machining Centre All-in-one Morbidelli M100 / 200 - SCM Group

morbidelli m100/200

CNC Machining Centres for routing and drilling

This highly modular machining centre provides answers to all the problems associated with woodworking. Just a few clicks to design and manufacture pieces of any shape, the machine is run by the Suite Maestro which has specific modules for every...

Single-Sided Automatic Edge Bander Olimpic K 560 - SCM Group

olimpic k 560

Single-sided automatic edge banders

High performance and versatility: olimpic k 560 is designed for companies requiring to process many panels per day even though they may be different from one to another. olimpic k 560 has several solutions that guarantee always the best machining on...

superset nt

superset nt

Throughfeed moulders

The automatic throughfeed moulder ideal for companies working multiple shifts and/or small batches. For the production of profiles for windows, doors, stairs, beads, frames and furnishings. The machine structure has been specific designed to enable the...