Ligna 2017

22-26.05.2017 Hannover, Germany

Scm at Ligna 2017 / 22-26 May 2017

At the heart of information

SCM Arena: At the heart of the SCM stand is a packed programme of meetings with industry experts

The future of woodworking technology is in the spotlight. Walk into the world of Industry 4.0 technology accompanied by leading speakers who operate in this field around the world.

Many important themes will be covered during the trade fair at the SCM Arena, with application examples and solutions that apply to the woodworking industry, offering a concrete approach to meeting the everyday needs of your business.


SCM Corporate video


SCM Hits 2017 - A year of success stories


SCM dedicates this issue of its magazine to technological development, as told and experimented by a number of companies which rely on machines and production systems that can satisfy their new needs and quickly respond to signs of change.

As a producer of advanced technology solutions, SCM focuses intently on the entire subject of Technological Development. We use this term to describe the commitment and positive energy invested in improving the entire production system.


At the heart of the digital factory

A ready  Industry 4.0 integrated cell system

At Ligna 2017 SCM Group is to present a cell system that meets the needs for customised industrial production, implementing Industry 4.0 concepts.

The chosen practical example is a cell system that produces furniture parts. The system's capacity is approximately 8-10 sets per shift. It is an automated system, where control over the entire process – from raw panels to the finished piece – is absolute. It is a solution that stands out for its low operational costs, as it requires only a single operator; its minimum handling requirements, thus preventing production defects; and its "lean" flow, with no interruptions, bottlenecks and extraordinary maintenance.

Latest generation software

SCM Group has completed a major "upgrade" of its Maestro suite. Excellent results have been achieved with beam saws using the new system optimiser, allowing an 80% reduction in computation time and 40-50% reduction in waste. The Watch system supervisor will demonstrate its great capabilities running by itself the cell system on view at Ligna 2017.

In general, the SCM Group software suites are designed as open systems that can operate with any type of machine, allowing total control over every machine function, while being easy and intuitive to use by any operator.

Interactive system of virtual machines

On view will be an effective multimedia system which, using two large video walls, will offer a virtual view of machines and their technologies. Visitors, therefore, could benefit from this system to actually view the machines from the "inside". 

A groundbreaking industrial innovation that is a huge technological step forward: the possibility of machine virtualisation means, on the one hand, being able to drastically reduce energy consumption and the environmental impact of product movement, and, on the other, being able to offer customers a multimedia tool with unlimited potential which in some respects can exceed the actual, real-life, experience. 

Customer care and advanced spare parts system

SCM keeps an eye on your investments with services that go far beyond the time of purchase – with 500 specialised technicians and automated spare parts warehouses – to ensure top-rated long-term performance of your technologically-advanced production systems and peace of mind while running your business.

This is why the SCM stand will offer a special corner dedicated to assistance and spare parts where we could listen to your needs, offer advice and additional information regarding after-sales services.

At the heart of innovation

At Ligna 2017 SCM Group is to exhibit a large part of its products, from cell systems to classic machines, with plenty of new and "upgraded" products. For the first time we have chosen a single large stand to display our entire collection, in order to demonstrate the Group's strength.



On view for the first time at the German trade fair will be also the Morbidelli Author M100 and M200 machining centres, which have enjoyed great market success since their introduction. These are two machining centres featuring "all-in-one technology" which offers companies of all sizes all that is necessary for the processing of wood and advanced materials.

Eagerly awaited are also the brand new boring-milling and edging machining centres. This section includes the Morbidelli Planet P800 machining centre designed for the furniture industry to perform drilling, milling and edgebanding, and the Morbidelli Cyflex S CNC drilling centre, with its reduced size and ability to perform also sawing and milling.


There are plenty of new products in this field, beginning with the new Stefani Easy Order SZ cell, which combines – in a moderately priced single-sided single-operator edgebander – Batch One processing with measuring and tenoning-squaring.

Also eagerly awaited, among edgebanders with integrated handles, is the Stefani J-Shape Solution, based on an innovative technology that won the 2016 Xia-Xylexpo innovation award in the "Panel Processing" category. 

And regarding the subject of contemporary materials, combined with a top-quality finish, Stefani presents the wide range of XD Solutions.

Also on view at Ligna in its market debut is the new Stefani range of machines for new market segments, offering the possibility of using EVA and polyurethane glues with double pre-melters, and automatic machine adjustments with numerically controlled axes. Olimpic machines will be represented by new combinations intended for broad market segments, offering numerically controlled axes hence allowing machining of two different radii.



Turning to beam saws, there are great expectations to see the new operator’s interface. All machines will come with a 21-inch "multi-touch" screen which will facilitate and simplify the operator's work using software programmes that ensure total connection freedom. Here too we are in full compliance with "industry 4.0" principles. The SCM Sigma Prima and Gabbiani Galaxy 125 beam saws with loading table will demonstrate how the Group has successfully implemented its high technology even in more accessible models. Of great interest is also the use of web cams within machines to facilitate remote assistance. "Bar coding" is to be demonstrated as well, facilitating the storing of materials that can be later reused, in order to reduce waste. The third beam saw to be displayed is intended for cutting plastics and aluminium, with all specific devices required for processing such materials.



In the field of calibrating and sanding, DMC will present EuroSystem, the new muscular model fit for companies of all sizes and designed to provide an array of diversified solutions using high technology and modular devices, which allow a great number of configurations.

Also on view will be the top of DMC product range, with three System sanders, which can meet every possible need: from calibrating and sanding to surface customisation, with their innovative technological units that help achieve countless finishing effects, such as saw blade marks and carving effects.


The main novelty in this sector is represented by the numerically controlled SCM Accord 25 FX machining centre, which comes with a new operating unit with an "on-board" tool changer and dual independent Z-axis. High technology is used also in the SCM Accord 50 FX, a 5-axis machining centre designed for multiple and innovative applications and thus granting the freedom to process workpieces up to 500 mm high and made of various materials: solid wood, plastics, composites, resins and light alloys.


Also on display at Ligna will be the SCM Accord WD, the flexible machining cell used in the production of door and window frames, and which, being fully automated, does not require the constant presence of an operator. Completing the collection is the SCM Superset NT throughfeed moulder, in a 7 heads composition and with new electronic control.



For the wood construction industry, Scm Group will exhibit the 6-axis Routech Oikos machining centre, used for processing structural beams and wood elements of modular walls and a must-have for companies in this industry. Oikos can perform complex machining of beams with the kind of high precision offered only by numerically controlled machining centres. It also comes with a software application that allows intuitive programming for processing the most complex workpieces. Finally, this machining centre is compact, with reduced footprint as compared to other solutions available on the market.


Also on view in the huge space in Hall 13 will be a large section dedicated to high-tech CMS products, including three machining centres.

CMS CUBE: Dual CNC machining centre with 2 independent heads with 5 axes each. Machine and Robot at the same time. Cube features two operating heads controlled by a special anti-collision software to operate as two independent 5-axis machining centres and carry out a very wide range of operation in the shortest of time. The two operating heads can work all six sides of the piece.

CMS ARES:  Movable-bridge machining centres specifically designed for high speed machining of composite materials and light alloys, providing exceptional motion dynamics to ensure high productivity.

CMS MONOFAST: Monofast is the evolution of CMS Monoposto, the exclusive CMS system for the production of acetate and light alloy spectacle frames, designed and built specifically for the eyewear industry and used by the most important optical manufacturers.


A large space within Hall 13 is set aside for machines for small and medium sized companies. In this case as well, Scm Group introduces new products. The spotlight will be on the new Minimax Si 400 X circular saw with tilting blade. To be unveiled for the first time is also the Minimax ME40 edgebander which accepts all finishing units and runs at high speeds ensuring productivity levels that are uncommon among machines intended for craftsmen and small carpentry shops. Large space will be given to the entire range of the classic Invincible machines. SCM Group strongly believes that in this specific sector customers must be treated as equals, be encouraged to interact with the company and offer comments and suggestions for improving the machines and adding optional parts for special processes. A type of relationship that Scm Group wishes to build up with additional initiatives.


Superfici machinery will be displayed in Hall 16 at the Ligna 2017 fair, offering advanced solutions for painting panels, furniture parts and window and door frames, and focusing on flexibility and the use of latest-generation painting cycles. Heading the collection is Bravorobot, a painting robot system with a three-dimensional control of workpieces, for quality spraying of panels and even of custom shapes and complex edges. The Maestro robot is a first-rate complete solution for painting door and window frames. Especially noteworthy are the UV Led Matrix systems, marking the new frontier of UV curing, a smart choice in terms of energy consumption savings.


In addition to the new products and models presented at Ligna 2017, you can learn, at Hall 13, about all the Group's product lines, including Cpc and Scm assembly and packaging systems and Mahros handling and automation solutions. Also on view will be Celaschi tenoning-squaring machines, the Scm planers-moulders range and the Sergiani presses. Scm Group Engineering solutions for producing parquet, panels, insulated panels and doors will be presented as well.