SCM Group France @ EUROBOIS 2016

15-18.11.2016 Eurexpo Lyon (France)

SCM Group France invites you to the EUROBOIS Trade Show, 15 to 18 November 2016, at Eurexpo-Lyon.

SCM GROUP FRANCE, the French subsidiary of the SCM Group, a world leader in the design and distribution of advanced technological solutions for the woodworking industry, would like to invite you to the upcoming edition of EUROBOIS, to take place 15 to 18 November 2016 at Eurexpo-Lyon

Visitors will be welcomed to a new exhibition space of nearly 400 m² displaying the Group's latest new products and technological solutions. "Strong Reasons Why" is our show's motto, reflecting the strong reasons why one should partner with SCM and guiding our overall communication strategy at the exhibition. The goal is to emphasise the Group's strong values, which translate into tangible benefits for customers, and its ability to offer industry professionals an extremely wide and complete range of woodworking products and solutions. The new stand was designed to reflect the qualities that identify our brand (reliability, service and technological innovation), combined with a carefully studied setting and a graphic configuration that offer a great impact yet at the same time project a rare elegance, confirming once again SCM Group's ability to provide advanced solutions that perfectly meet the most diverse needs of a market that is continually evolving.


Dowload the special edition of the Scm Group Magazine, focused on the 40th annirsary of Scm Group France (French version)


"Coup de Cœur" Jury Prize

Scm Group France wins the Jury prize "Coup de Cœur" at the Eurobois Innovation Trophy with the DMC System T




Software is the common denominator of all innovations in production technologies. SCM offers its extensive know-how and its entire package of advanced and continuously developed applications designed to provide a most intuitive machine operation. The package is modular and includes specific programmes for each application (panel machining, solid wood working,  beams and walls processing, sawing, edgebanding, etc.). Specifically, the E-touch application for edgebandrs which helps programme and control machine operations using a 3D preview function by simply tapping the machine touchscreen. 



The Morbidelli CYFLEX hp drilling centre will be one of the new products on display at the SCM Group France stand. It offers outstanding performance and high productivity. This solution, with a footprint smaller than 10 m², offers shorter cycle times than any other currently available on the market thanks to its use of two independent drilling heads which optimise any drilling pattern and a 6.6 kW at 24,000 RPM spindle equipped with a 6-tool storage, to always ensure maximum productivity while working on different batches. 

Author M, the solution that combines quality with technology. The Author M line is the fruit of Morbidelli's long experience in the industry and offers high-performance, flexible and adaptable solutions to meet the diverse needs of the furniture industry. The constant development of its range of products has led to major innovations, such as the Automated Tv Flexmatic worktable which introduces a new concept: the placement of the suction cups directly on the bars, cutting the need for traditional supports.  Other innovations are introduced with the M400 model, on display, which includes a 5-axis spindle head, ideal for any operation, and effective safety devices -- all making it a truly rich technological solution for companies that seek quality and excellence.

The Pratix S CNC machining centre with an aluminium multifunction worktable is the ideal solution for machining various materials (such as solid wood, panels, MDFs and plastics) in nesting processes where the use of space must be optimised. This machine is especially suitable for operators who are not quite familiar with CN controls. Designed and built to provide the best performance in terms of power, speed and flexibility, the Pratix S centre can be easily customised according to specific needs thanks to its wide range of available accessories.



The industrial edgebander Solution XD will be on view for the first time in France. This model, ideal for the production of designer furniture, represents the latest generation of edgebanding technology. Noteworthy among its benefits are its high productivity and low operating costs, strong profitability, unrivalled machining quality, absolute technical perfection, improved surface finish quality, high flexibility and a powerful E-Touch interface that converts almost instantaneously the selected finish into machine programmes. 

The productive and compact Olimpic K 560 is an edgebander designed to operate for long hours at a speed of 18 m/min. It is an ideal edgebander for companies that need to process multiple consecutive panels.  It can be equipped, upon request, with the AirFusion technology, which ensures excellent panel finishing quality by performing edgebanding without glue. This helps achieve, with great ease and with a moderate investment, an invisible joint between the edge and the panel. This technology is compatible, and can be fully integrated, with traditional bonding technologies to allow maximum productive diversification for single autonomous machines.

AirFusion is available for all edgebanders, starting from the K560 model running at a speed of up to 25 m/min.

Olimpic K360 is designed to be the top-ranking entry-level edgebander in the market complete with a rounding unit. Compact and easy-to-use, thanks to its advanced technological solutions, and designed to ensure optimal panel finishing, it is the perfect edgebander for companies that require continuous, high-quality edgebanding of panels that may vary in size.

The Minimax ME35 T, designed specifically for small woodworking shops, is easy to use and comes with all equipment provided as standard. It offers a full range of options, including the possibility of edging solid wood strips up to 5 mm thick, and a best-of-class performance, making it an ideal edgebander for small woodworking shops.



The DMC System T5 will also be on display at Eurobois. Equipped with the most innovative technologies developed by DMC, it ensures excellent sanding and finishing results. Designed to meet the production needs of medium- and large-sized companies, System T5 can be used both as a stand-alone machine and as part of automated production lines. 

Sandya 600 is the latest among the SCM compact sanders.  It is extremely versatile and allows the calibrating of MDFs, chipboards and more, calibrating and sanding of solid wood, pre-sanding and sanding of veneered panels and finishing painted surfaces.


Startech CN is the new SCM universal drilling and CNC panel sawing machine, designed for both small- and medium-sized companies as well as big carpentry industries producing non-standard products or developing prototypes. Thanks to its 7 independent vertical spindles, with spindle and blade in a cross (X) pattern, and the ability to drill also in a Y pattern, this drilling machine allows you to produce finished furniture elements without the need to replace drill bits and without requiring the operator to set up the machine and adjust the worktable according to changes in panel dimensions.

The "Invincible SiX" circular saw, offering options for oblique cuts at +/-46°, is a supreme example of SCM's design and technical excellence. It is the outcome of a combination of long experience, technological research and Italian ingenuity. SiX is the most effective and safe product for all carpentry shops seeking a powerful solution for sawing both melamine panels and solid wood, providing a unique-for-its-class sawing performance without ever needing to remove the scoring unit. A new saw-blade unit allows the simultaneous use of a saw-blade (up to 550 mm in diameter) and a scoring blade (160 mm), providing top performance and high flexibility in any task.

The 'Invincible' is the best in the line of SCM classic machines. The Ti 7 comes with an electric spindle that reduces vibrations and improves machine efficiency and performance while ensuring maximum reliability and precision. It also has a tool recognition system that allows the machine to automatically obtain all dimensional data as well as other characteristics required for proper system integration.


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