Grand Opening Technology Center SCM-Superfici Villasanta

21-24.05.2024 Villasanta, Italy


Don't miss the Grand Opening of the Scm-Superfici Technology Center in Villasanta (MB), in the heart of Brianza, where you’ll have a chance to discover new solutions to make your processes more efficient, sustainable and maximise the quality of your products.


From 21 to 24 May, on the same days of the Xylexpo Fair and just 30 minutes from Rho Milano, the new Technology Center will be opened every day to welcome customers and carry out practical demonstrations on all the machines on display.

For those clients visiting Scm’s stand at Xylexpo, free shuttle buses will be laid on to/from the trade fair, to reach the headquarters in Villasanta as easily as possible.

Why visit Scm-Superfici’s Technology Center?


2,000 square metres of high technology await you together with around thirty solutions focusing on efficiency and versatility for flexible, sustainable and top-quality production, an even wider, more advanced range of technologies and services for the whole secondary wood processing industry with software and digital services ready to work alongside the client at every step of the production process.

You will not only find Superfici’s innovative solutions dedicated to finishing and Scm’s complementary proposals for sanding, but you’ll get a hands-on opportunity to try numerous other technologies developed by the Scm group to meet every machining demand, wherever it’s being used.

Plenty of space for software and state-of-the-art dedicated stations: Maestro Lab for cnc machining centres, Maestro optiwise, cutting optimiser and Maestro stackwise for stacking pieces at the sizing stage.

Also on display are the new digital services for machines connected to Scm’s Maestro connect IoT system starting with the new Digital Control Room where you’ll have a chance to discover how the data is processed to provide proactive and advisory assistance services, with a view to guaranteeing the client production continuity thanks to the most evolved digital technologies and the constant dedication of SCM’s Service team.




stefani m

new edgebander with advanced solutions for automatic set-up and with operating units with servo assisted technology for top-of-the-range design levels.

stefani kd

edgebander for continuous and versatile use, ideal for companies needing to produce large numbers of varying kinds of panels.

CNC machining centres


morbidelli x400

machining centre for nesting, ideal for flexible batch-1 production which combines excellent performance, maximum configurability and efficiency.

morbidelli m200

“All-in-One Technology” cnc machining centre for highly modular drilling and routing, to meet every machining requirement and create pieces of any shape in a few clicks.

Cnc drilling solutions


morbidelli cx110

solution with plenty of tool equipment for drilling and routing to meet any demand from the wood-working sector.

Panel saws


gabbiani p95

new panel saw for batch-1 and production-line machining, with all the top-of-the-range, best-loved optional extras of ‘made in Scm’ sizing.

gabbiani vs

vertical panel saw with scorer and 2 matching blades for a horizontal and vertical cut of different kinds of wooden materials.

Sanding and calibrating machines


dmc system t with new laser unit

SCM's innovative laser unit guarantees exclusive finishes and 3D scoring on parquet, wooden elements, MDF panels to be veneered, fibre cement panels and solid surfaces of any length.

dmc sd 90

The new multifunction roller unit allows you to switch from calibrating to sanding unfinished, veneered and painted solid wood panels in a matter of minutes.

dmc mb 90

sanding machine ideal for finishing panels in milled MDF for assembled cabinet doors, windows and doors and profiled parts in general.

Woodworking machines


blade off

innovative solution that limits the intrinsic danger of using a circular saw, as much as possible, without placing limitations on the operator’s work and creativity.


Spraying robot



Cartesian robot with two arms to paint panels, designed for exceptionally high-precision spraying.


articulated robot for painting windows and doors, designed starting with the arm movement of an artisan and even more versatile nowadays.

UV dryers



technology and excimers patented to achieve extra-opacity effects while being surprisingly smooth.

UV LED lamps

polymerisation system patented by Superfici to guarantee exceptional finishing results with reduced consumption.

UV Poliedra dryer

dryer designed for the polymerisation of UV paints on 3D surfaces. The special geometry of the reflector allows the UV ray to be distributed more evenly.

Linear dryers


air blade dryer

dryer that uses high-speed hot air for a fast flash-off cycle ideal for drying water and colour-based paints.

UMI-UMA dryer

linear type dryer, ideal for flash-off cycles or drying with the continuous advancement of the panels.

Spraying machines



dryer with a high production capacity, it guarantees constant top quality and an excellent paint distribution.

compact xl

sprayer with a high productivity capacity, that guarantees a saving in energy consumption and a more efficient paint-recovery system.


plug&spray machine with all the advantages of an automatic sprayer in an efficient and user-friendly solution.

Roller coaters


valtorta f1

reliable, precise roller coaters, suitable for the finish on flat panels, doors, parquet and furniture panels.

valtorta s4

filling machine designed for the use of recyclable fillers. Precision and simplicity in a fast, efficient machine.

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