The new SCM’s Smart&Human solutions at Interzum Guangzhou

28-31.03-2023 Guangzhou, China

SCM reconfirms its attendance at Interzum Guangzhou, the main trade fair event in China for the woodworking industry, and proves to be a benchmark partner for Chinese businesses looking for innovative, efficient technologies to produce top quality design products.

Solutions that stand apart for being easy to get, easy to use as well as always at customers’ fingertips. Even the claim accompanying SCM communications and demos at the fair confirms the main objective of the Italian Group: supporting the market with a Smart&Human Factory that is both innovative, digital and user-friendly as it can also rely on a team always at customers’ side, from pre to after sales.


Routing and drilling: “morbidelli m100”

Thanks to its solid structure, the 5-axis JQX and the TV FLEX work table, “morbidelli m100” can perform not only every kind of panel machining, but also those for solid wood.

The machine is run by the design and programming Maestro cnc software that presents new updates and features. This CAD-CAM software for the design of the workpiece, ensures that all the wood workings are quickly and easily programmed thanks to smart functions (app and macros libraries) built to program any machine operation with a mouse click.

At Interzum Guangzhou, “morbidelli m100” will be also equipped with a special application for innovative assembly processes: the Lamello wood connecting system, to offer a one-hit machining process that gives a quick and cost-effective way to work with 90-degree butt joints without the need for glue.

Nesting and drilling-routing Nesting: morbidelli x200


The machining cell to be demonstrated at Interzum Guangzhou, is the ideal solution for flexible “batch 1” production as it permits nesting machining of pieces that are even shaped, and in a variety of sizes, with a cutting speed of up to 50 m/min and unprecedented productivity levels for this technology.

The SCM’s nesting cell is equipped with a built-in automatic loading system and has exclusive and innovative features which optimize the process.

All the machining work is done without removing the spoil panel, even in 3D thanks to the X-POD suction cups. This dramatically reduces the machine's set-up times.

Another advantage is its maximum precision: even the smallest pieces can be blocked during machining thanks to the X-Vacuum system which activates a dynamic vacuum concentrated on the worktable zone where machining is ongoing.

Outstanding performance and maximum configuration combine with a considerable increase in flexibility and productivity.

Edgebanding: “stefani x”

Industrial edge bander designed to offer top machining quality on any kind of panel and material to fully meet the needs of a connected, integrated digital factory.

Stefani x” can machine panels at a speed of up to 30 m/min. over the course of several shifts a day. All this, thanks to top of the range units and a new, highly rigid mechanical structure.

Stefani x also offers top-quality gluing on any type of edge. The intensity of the first pressure roller is adaptive: it can be automatically adjusted by the edgebanding machine's control system according to the edge being used.

Also featuring is the new range of high-end electronic units (end trimming, rounding and glue scraping) designed to meet two objectives that are key to the market: easy use even for more complex machining on delicate, trending materials, thanks to an automatic, flexible set-up, as well as repeatability, quality and accurate production processes, thanks to the electronic touch.

Sanding and calibrating: “dmc system t”

This wide belt sander is the maximum expression of versatility and is aimed at companies that need to carry out particularly complex calibration and sanding machining with high productivity.

“Dmc system t” is a modular CNC flexible abrasive centre: it makes possible the creation of 3D finishing effects such as patterns, hand scraping, wood structuring, saw cut and woodworm, to give to the products original surface effects.

The carving unit, on the top-of-the-range “dmc system” sanding machines allows to achieve sophisticated three-dimensional effects.
At Interzum SCM will also present new, original 3D finishing effects for the design sector, such as those achieved with the new unique laser unit integrated to “dmc system” automatic sanding-calibrating machines, real flexible abrasive modular numeric control machining centres.

This multi-purpose innovative unit is particularly suited to creating three-dimensional marking on parquet, wood elements, mdf panels to be veneered, fibre cement panels and solid surfaces of any length. Furthermore, thanks to the exclusive "Self-Refilling" technology, a distinctive advantage of SCM's laser unit, it is possible to make the most of the features in terms of power without further interruptions to the production flow.

All SCM’s technologies on show will be connected and integrated by a MES software to assist customers with programming and managing the production flow. Thanks to the MES, any item of the production orders is tracked and the material flow managed in order to keep the output efficiency at the best. The mix of many different processing technologies, usually escalates the risk of bottle necks. That’s why having a supervising software guarantees a proper efficiency and smooth flow of the components passing through the production process.