SCM at Dach+Holz with the latest innovations for Timber construction

07.05-08 Cologne, Germany


The new edition of Dach+Holz is coming and it will be an opportunity to discover the main news and trends of an ever expanding sector such as timber construction.

Don't miss the date and, in particular, the SCM solutions: the result of the continuous research and development activity of a Group that has been a leader for seventy years in the production of woodworking machinery.

Deep-rooted technologies, ready to amaze and accompany you in the optimisation of your production processes and the development of your new business projects.





Our team is ready to illustrate you the wide range of OIKOS and AREA cnc machining centres for the production of structural beams, wall elements, prefabricated walls and insulation panels.

In addition to this, at DACH+HOLZ you will be able to learn more about the SCM innovations, developed in line with the requirements of the timber construction industry.




Discover all advantages of the new 5-axis cnc machining centre with gantry-type structure and PRO worktable to produce X-lam/CLT panels for walls and floors as well as curved beams.

  • Excellent machining quality and maximum reliability for manufacturers of finished elements, ready for assembly on the work site.
  • Possibility to process elements of up to 3,600mm width and 360mm thickness, while the length can reach up to 36 metres.
  • High level of configurability of the PRO worktable comes from the availability of five different bases (from 16,000 to 36,000mm) that can be equipped with automatic systems for workpiece reference and locking, together with innovative cleaning systems for the work area.
  • Excellent performance even under heavy duty conditions thanks to the 30 kW operating unit which is supported by a specific exhaust system for dust-free operations.
  • Up to 15 tools and/or special aggregates to cover all possible machining operations.



At Dach+Holz, SCM will also present the latest 3.0 version of its Maestro beam&wall software, designed to process structural elements and, more specifically: roofs, structural beams and columns, wall and floor panels, solid wood beams including round ones, blockhaus, curved glulam beams and insulation panels.

  • Completely modernised graphic programming interface, in line with the design CAD systems used by architects.
  • "Advanced" nesting function for machining beams and panels, to know in advance the amount of material necessary to complete the project and achieve a more significant reduction in waste.
  • 2D freehand drawing function to create particular shapes not included in the macro standards of the BTL language.
  • Access either on a PC in the office or on the eye-M operator console, i.e. directly the machine on-board even for programming.



At DACH+HOLZ SCM will present an absolute preview of its new project dedicated to X-lam/CLT walls sanding up to 3700 mm wide and 500 mm thick.

The efficiency, reliability and modularity that have distinguished SCM's sanding solutions for seventy years are now also applied to wood construction, to make your surfaces even more exclusive.

Would you like to receive more details on the innovations on stage at DACH+HOLZ?