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Lai Jaiwen, the enlightened businesswoman who is leading the way forward in the furniture business

Interview with the founder of JDL, Lai Jaiwen, who reveals how she managed to successfully stand out in Taiwan in such a fierce and strongly male-dominated sector, such as the furniture industry. She entrusted herself to SCM's experience in order to expand her business. SCM drew up a project of machinery and automated cells for her factory in Taichung, that are some of the most advanced in the entire country.


In 2013, when the concept of "customisation" was first launched in Mainland China, we conducted numerous interviews with custom designed furniture manufacturers in Taiwan. Today, after six years, the custom designed furniture industry is growing rapidly in this geographical area. Even all the brands which tend to mass produce also partially play the "customisation" card. Custom designed furniture manufacturers in the country, on the other hand, with a tendency to increasingly meet the individual needs of a client are now taking a more complete and solid approach. JDL is the most representative brand in this group.

Mrs Lai Jaiwen, founder of JDL International had a harsh childhood which played its part in forming her resourceful and persevering character that so distinguishes her, as she understood from an early age just how difficult it is for the middle class to have a warm, decent home. Basing itself on the motto "Create a domestic lifestyle and present the beauty of life" and guided by an almost spiritual force for its creativity, the JDL company, previously specialising in custom designed furniture for bathrooms, expanded its offer to the entire home: from bathroom furnishings to full kitchen furnishings.

JDL invested in a new 10 thousand square metre factory in Taichung which helped greatly expand its market. Of late, there has been a slowdown in the growth rate across the entire furniture industry on Mainland China but the owner of JDL remains optimistic: "Our company has a pioneering soul" she tells us. "Commitment to meeting the most varied demands of the individual client is needed to stand out. The most important thing, for a middle class family as is the case for a luxury villa, is that our offer does not vary and we always aim to ensure comfort, warmth and convenience for each member of the family.

Due to a growing shortage in skilled workforce in the manufacturing industry, manufacturers need to turn to sophisticated, advanced technology to successfully compete. This is why JDL chose SCM to launch an almost pioneering business for this Asian market: one of the first factories in the country to be equipped with fully automated machinery and "intelligent" production plants for the furniture industry, for an investment of more than one million Yuan.

"The choice of high added value technology is essential", confirms Mrs Lai. SCM boasts more than 60 years of history and complete production lines as well as a professional, considerate team. This is the best plant that could have been devised for JDL".


In January 2019, Mrs Lai was invited to the SCM headquarters in Rimini, Italy and this visit further convinced her of just how advanced SCM technology is. The businesswoman and SCM managers sealed a contract to purchase a production line with solutions for cutting, nesting, milling, sanding, spray glue application, membrane press and waste trimming. And looking to the future, JDL intends to develop an across-the-board implementation of fully automated SCM production lines in its factories.

It also plans to transform the Taichung factory into a showroom to open it up to businesses in the furniture industry in Taiwan and display what is, today, one of the most advanced production lines in this division. Yet another excellent promotional platform for SCM in this market.

Credits: Wendi Wei for Panels & Furniture Asia

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