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You bet! These are words that Ullrich Lange, owner of the company, Bühnenconcept GmbH, specialising in the creation of TV studios and staging, has never expressed. Indeed, his company has been entrusted with designing TV studios and furnishings for this famous and well-loved TV show, as well as other TV productions enjoyed in both Germany and abroad. “Hallo Deutschland”, “Drehscheibe”, “Länderspiegel”, “Frontal 21”, are just a few examples that highlight the efficiency of this company specialising in staging and fitting out trade fairs held in Hohenstein-Ernstthal in Saxony


Founded initially in 1998 by U. Lange as a sole proprietorship, in 2000 a second company was established, the current day Bühnenconcept GmbH. Following the merger of the two companies in 2011, new premises, spanning 3,250 m² were acquired in Hohenstein-Ernstthal where larger scale projects could be achieved, like those for the TV programmes mentioned above, to meet with high quality demands and in line with the “all inclusive” formula. This way the company designs, produces and fits out all in the same place.

The highly varied clientele of this company specialised in processing wood and plastics principally includes TV stations, decoration manufacturing companies, agencies, event organisers but also joinery workshops that purchase manufactured parts for all kinds of special decorations, furnishings and furniture.

In order to stand apart from the traditional suppliers, Bühnenconcept U. Lange e.K. relies on state-of-the-art manufacturing and processing techniques. In specific terms, this allows them to produce special 3D work for the trade fair outfitting and decorations industry as well as furnishings and saunas to the highest standard of quality. On the subject of which, the 5-axis Morbidelli Universal X5 HD (equivalent model currently in the range: morbidelli m100) machining centre has undoubtedly proven itself to be an essential piece of machinery. As the CEO and “stage manager” Ullrich Lange says: “Using the morbidelli 5-axis numerical control means we can even meet the intense demands from modern digital TV.

One other important aspect for the CEO and his management team is the fact that the company, thanks to the use of CNC technology, has a proven advantage over the competition. This means being faster, as the pieces receive a complete processing and there is no need for further processing. This undoubtedly produces better results from a company finance point of view compared to the past. An example of a show time-scale: in the past, a week of work was needed to achieve mediocre quality; nowadays, with CNC technology, three days is sufficient to produce first class quality pieces which can then be fitted with precision and ease producing a potential saving of 60%.

These are ideal requirements for the TV and trade fair industry where a certain amount of ostentation is always needed. On the subject of which, Bühnenconcept's CEO Ullrich Lange, adds: “The decision to purchase an SCM Group’s machine, and more precisely, the Morbidelli CNC machining centre, was abetted by this company's innovative modus operandi. Many innovations can also be found in the details on our CNC machine which the competition can certainly not boast about. So, I would do it all again!”.




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