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When a window manufacturer invests 17 million Euros to fully automate production on the basis of the most modern criteria, he must have a good reason for feeling so confident.

That's what Helmut Felbermayer did, and he's now sure - and proud - to possess one of the world's most advanced window-producing systems, covering an area of over 12,000m²

This company, founded in 1963 and today boasting 52 employees for production and technical design along with another 40 for assembly, is specialised above all in wooden and aluminium doors and windows. Its turnover amounts to 18 million Euros. A figure that sums up around 30,000 windows, each with two operating pieces and 14 components. They are supplied mainly to the commercial building and residential building (with tax incentives) sectors. And given that these orders are assigned almost entirely by means of public tender, the deciding factors are not only quality but also price and quick delivery times.


Reason more than enough to convince Helmut Felbermayer to fully automate his window production and make it highly flexible, ready not only to meet all the purchaser's needs but also to offer better solutions that his competitors. All this means, for example, that the entire production cycle is monitored and managed by means of RFID technology (including the final surface coating lines and the automatic assembly of the window frames and glass), and this in turn allows him to produce the high number of pieces required.

Another necessary condition, however, is the optimisation of all the machining processes regarding the window components. In this case, the company (constantly guided in its choices by the economic and commercial aspects) turns to its long-term partner with whom it has established a firm relationship of mutual trust: SCM. As all the machines and systems for this production sector had previously come from SCM (the latest being the “Windor 100” angular system), the choice - from the vast range of products available - fell on the “System” model for windows for the main production area, and the “Accord 40 FX” CNC processing centre with automatic table for special windows.

The “Windor 100” had already made a name for itself, thanks to its speed and flexibility, and the new “System” is establishing new reference standards in terms of speed and reactivity, as the wooden components emerge from the system completely finished and equipped with all the necessary borings and millings, so they don't need any further machining operations. The same volume can therefore be obtained in one single shift rather than three (as in the past).

In response to the question about why this window frame company has always used SCM machines, Helmut Felbermayer gives an almost mundane answer: “You see, every year we supply around 30,000 IV 72 and IV 90 windows in wood/aluminium to very demanding customers for whom price, quality, flexible response to differing needs, and quick delivery times are fundamental factors. That means we can't afford to experiment when it comes to our production equipment. Our long-term collaboration with SCM gives us a feeling of confidence and trust, and that means consultancy and assistance as well. So, as I said earlier, next time I have to make a choice I would do again exactly what I did before”.

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