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Tradition and innovation: the Voglauer brand is synonymous with quality solid wood furniture

The Austrian company remains faithful to traditional values whilst using advanced production technologies, notably including a broad range of CMS Balestrini machines, now also supported by robot technology.

It grew from a small carpentry mountain workshop, founded in 1932, into one of the most important European manufacturers of high quality wood furniture: this is the successful path taken by the Voglauer, with company headquarters in Abtenau, near Salzburg.

Located in the delightful Lammer valley, Voglauer produces furniture that tastefully furnishes prestigious hotel rooms in various parts of the world and that enhances the design of villas and charming residences, including some of the most beautiful alpine residences, and the company is gaining an increasing number of discerning admirers as well as increasing market share also outside its traditional business catchment areas.

Countless awards especially in recent years in the design field and for the proactive approach shown in interior furnishing systems. This result stems from the ability to keep the traditional style alive and renewed with unique design solutions, sometimes totally original in terms of form and use of materials. In summary: Voglauer furniture combines natural inspiration and the desire to furnish using wood - with the requirements of contemporary living.

The company still remains under family ownership and management despite the fact that its departments comprise more than 35,000 sqm of covered space, with its personnel exceeding 400 units.

For many years, the Austrian company has preferred to use machines of the SCM group for the main types of machining. In particular, the dialogue of mutual trust, esteem and strong collaboration with SCM balestrini, begun in 2001, has ultimately resulted in a machine inventory originating in Italy which represents the backbone of Voglauer process technologies.

A key strength of Voglauer is its technological equipment, including advanced machines which are beginning to be supported by robots to facilitate the loading and unloading of parts from the production islands. Robotisation has been recently used, for instance, with one of the SCM balestrini machines operating within the Voglauer plants.


The range of machines for wood processing in Voglauer departments is the result of extensive industry experience and the constant attention aimed at obtaining the exact results required in all procedures, in particular with regard to profiling, carving, countersinking, milling, sanding and trimming.

Voglauer furniture position themselves on the market and are characterized by the precise machining of all solid wood parts, a proven high quality in each piece. At the same time Voglauer is an industry in all intents and purposes, both in terms of scale of production and the extent of the range: hence the need of advanced technologies for performance and management rationalisation, where the numerical control is a strategic necessity.

High production rates combine with the need to ensure maximum accuracy. But that’s not all: the still “handcrafted” component of different elements and features requires machines that have the versatility that allows to go beyond serial dynamics.

Performance, precision, diversity of use, ease of use, perfect details in the smallest of features: a challenge that found the ideal solution in SCM balestrini technologies.

SCM balestrini machines are dedicated to the production of the highest range of furniture offered by Voglauer, mainly solid wood furniture manicured in every aspect: design, structure, nishes, including precious “shaved and brushed” surfaces that allow to achieve an aesthetic and tactile effect that combines sophistication “and the rusticity” of raw wood.

The architect of this style is first and foremost the precious V-Montana line, a program of furnishing solutions with which Voglauer demonstrates at the highest level what it means to combine the naturalness and authenticity of solid wood with a modern design. The SCM balestrini five-axis and multi-spindle machines guarantee perfect results on each piece, while ensuring a versatility and action speed to unite unquestionable quality to high production rates.

Martyn Dygruber is Voglauer Executive Manager, his work including the selection and collaboration with technology partners, as well as the optimization of the production lines based on the philosophy and the specific expectations of the company.

The well-established dialogue with SCM balestrini has been gathering pace both on the performance of machining centres, as well as verifying the availability to meet the non-standardized indications of Voglauer, the constant search for improvements, customizations and dedicated solutions to reach the excellence in the industrial process, both in terms of output quality and the maximum efficiency of each machining centre.

“We sensed immediately, when we met at a trade show several years ago, that SCM balestrini technology had all the characteristics and potential to become the main core of our technological pool. We were very impressed with both the structure and the possibility to configure the machines with different specific solutions for maximum productivity. When we started negotiations to buy our first Balestrini machine, we were also impressed by the expertise and the passionate collaborative spirit of the Italian staff who assisted us in the development of an overall technological upgrading and implementation project of our production lines. This collaboration has become more and more consolidated over time, well beyond the relationship that can be established with a good supplier. We can rightly consider SCM balestrini a partner. A positive collaboration that has been confirmed over the years, even recently. The system integration with robots has necessitated the need to work together to find the best process configuration. This has now been achieved, as confirmed by the accomplishments of the specific machining centre for the milling of elements of the V-Montana line. Equally important is the collaborative response to the issue of dust arising from this process: together we have found the solution to a problem that we deem very important, especially with regard to the quality of the working environment, a subject to which Voglauer care very much”.

Voglauer (Austria)

balestrini idea and balestrini power: Machining Centres for prestigious furniture


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