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A homage to intelligence and ability

Grandiose results are achieved when experts in their respective fields work together. In this case it’s the so called “white skin”, an interior panelling with unique characteristics used in the concert hall of the new Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg. It was created by the Hasenkopf industrial factory of Mehring with three SCM Group “Chronos” CNC machining centres with five axis.


The interior panelling was developed starting from GIFAtec®, a material produced by Knauf Integral, which was specially modified for this project. It is an extremely solid and non-flammable material with a high level of white. In total 10,287 parts form the white skin that covers about  6.000 m². To create the three dimensional surfaces Hasenkopf, commissioned by the specialist in renovations Peukert GmbH, had to first of all carry out costly 3D calculations and then convert the CAD data in AV, in programs suitable for the CNC.

Subsequently macros were created to machine both sides of the glued plaster fibre panels. The routing depth of the surface structure, consisting of almost 1,000,000 irregular cavities, ranged from 5 mm to 90 mm. 30,520 CNC programs with 352,000,000 characters were needed for the almost 1.5 million linear metres of routing. Over 1000 diamond cutters were used in 5000 sharpening cycles.

Another particularly demanding aspect was the extremely high density of the concrete reinforced with plaster fibre, with a maximum thickness of the panels being machined of 180 mm (“Chronos” is able to machine pieces with a height up to 800 mm).

Reduced material waste, but especially more units produced per kWh, was some important issues for Dometic, who has sustainability as one of their focus issues. But in the end it was the responsiveness together with the fact that the offer from S.I.T. was the one giving most value for money, that decided their choice. Also, both Mats Borg and Daniel Bergåker, process technician at Dometic Seitz, praises the response from S.I.T. both during the procurement process and the installation.

"They have showed an ability to really listen to us and give response to what we needed and was looking for", says Daniel Bergåker.

In order to tell the whole story though we must also mention the Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron and the Japanese acoustician Yasuhisa Toyota, who thanks to the interaction of solid geometry, materials and surface structure, were able to ensure excellent sound in every corner of the hall.


Text by (©Rudolf Bartl)

from the article published on HK-Magazin 03/2017

Photos by SCM/ Hasenkopf/ Christian Hohn

"We have a continued strong increase in volume, so in spite of efficiency improvements with the new CNC milling machine, we have to reintroduce weekend shift to manage the production, says Mats Borg. So I don’t think it is impossible that there will be another Routech Ergon from S.I.T. here in the future", Mats Borg concludes.

Ergon R400 TVN is a special solution designed and produced in the Routech plant of the SCM. It is a work centre with double bar table, each one with a useful area of 2850x1850 mm. Specific hold-down equipment ensure the perfect finishing quality of the client’s pieces: car windows, in specially shaped methacrylate. On each table the routing and drilling operations are carried out by a 5-axes machining unit. Therefore two machining units in total that can operate in parallel or independently, to fulfil all productivity and flexibility requirements. 


Hasenkopf (Germany)

Two dimensional and three dimensional processing of innovative materials


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