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Poliedra is a dryer suitable for the curing of UV lacquers on three-dimensional surfaces. In the case of spray applications, the UV dryer must also cure the product applied to the vertical edges of the panel. Superfici developed UV modules with special reflectors. The special geometry of the reflector of the "Poliedra" UV supports a uniformly UV irradiation distribution, both on the surface and on the edges. In this way, with a single lamp, inclined with respect to the direction of advancement of the pieces, it is possible to irradiate the surface, all the side edges of the panel and any pantographs on the panel.


ENERGY DISTRIBUTION: Optimized and uniform power distribution along the whole panel.

ENERGY SAVING: One lamp for the surface and edges polymerization.

FLEXIBILITY: Thanks to an efficient irradiation on different surfaces and at different distances from the source of irradiation.

Dados Técnicos
available lamp length

from 1400 to 2300 mm

available lamp power

from 40 to 120 W/cm

cooling type


power supply type


type of lamps

gallium or mercury

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