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Small curtain system, suitable for use in laboratories. The machine consists of a three-section carpet stand with adjustable speed and two fixed glazing heads mounted on the machine. Each of the heads can be supplied in gravity or pressure version. Power system with electric pump complete with inverter for adjusting the flow of the lacquer. Stainless steel collection tray for each head. Stainless steel filter for the continuous filtering of the lacquer flow.


FLEXIBILITY: Machine available both with pressure heads and gravity heads in order to test the most various types of products and both application technologies.

ECONOMIC SAVING: Usable with a minimum quantity of product for each head - about 2 Kg.

WIDE WORK SPACE: The machine size is around 1500 x 900 x 1380 mm.

Dados Técnicos
Working width

300 mm

Working height

900 +/- 20 mm

Feed speed

20 : 100 m/min

Machine length

1500 mm

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