k 100 evo

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Máquinas Clássicas - Coladeiras de Bordo - k 100 evo

High level of inclusive equipment, advanced technological solutions and typical features from higher range models, guarantees the very best quality panels.
The features, coupled to its ease-of-use, makes the k 100 evo the perfect edge bander for small woodworking and panel processing companies.

Greater stability in panel feed. 
One technical solution for the complete Olympic range.

Gluing unit: solid wood edge bandings up to 5 mm thickness. The versatility of edge banding application allows the gluing, with automatic loading, of edge bandings in strips up to 5mm thickness with a 50mm panel height (the best performance in its category).

Trimming unit: 3 different machining. Rapid machining changeover between thin, thick and solid wood edges due to the 3 manually selectable working positions and the "Combi" tool supplied as standard feature.

Dados Técnicos
Panel thickness mm 8 - 50
Edge thickness mm 0,4 - 3 (5)
Feed speed m/min 7
Compressed air bar  6
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