Zennaro Legnami chooses Oikos by Routech

22 nov. 2013

Zennaro Giuseppe Legnami, located in Porto Viro (Veneto region), commits its productivity to the 6 axis cnc working centre OIKOS by Routech. Zennaro’s company serves the wood sector than more than 50 years and with OIKOS choice improves its competitiveness in the house building: OIKOS is the high tecnology solution for machining structural beams and modular wall parts in wood.

Zennaro’s company is partner of the innovative CASA BENESSERE projectdedicated to the passive house building, the next generation of green housing where technology contributes to improve the energy saving.

In the picture the owner Mauro Zennaro with its company’s staff in the Sinalunga Routech plant, accompanied by the Routech managers Giovanni and Livio Tiezzi and the SCM Group area manager Gabriele Mingo.

Oikos is the right choice to no machining limits and compact space with 6 axis technology.