SCM and Randek AB together to build the future of timber construction

20 dec. 2021

The Italian Group SCM and the Swedish company Randek AB join forces in a new global cooperation, where the aim is to be a one-stop supplier for the complete timber construction process, offering the widest range of solutions for beams, walls, timber frame, X-lam/CLT panels machining.

The two companies have sealed a strategic global agreement for the worldwide supply of all-round, integrated solutions for timber construction.

The new partnership aims to further expand and strengthen the range of technological solutions already provided by both players across the globe and complementary to one another: SCM, that continues innovating to offer advanced numeric control machining centres capable of processing all kinds of different construction elements requested by today's market, and Randek AB, well-known worldwide for its high performance innovative technologies in the prefabricated house sector.

The partnership will also allow each company to be able to offer the other party's products, making it possible an offering of integrated solutions, which otherwise would not have been feasible, except in the long term.

"Our global partnership with Randek AB significantly and strategically expands our offer of products and services for timber construction, guaranteeing our customers access to a wide range of specific technological solutions dedicated to machining prefabricated walls with increased production efficiency and a better return on investment" confirms Tommaso Martini, SCM Manager for timber construction business.

"An agreement with a global leading group like SCM, with sound industrial expertise and an extensive international distribution network, means we can further strengthen our presence on the most relevant markets, offering the customer an even more direct, widespread service” says Ola Lindh, CEO from Randek AB.

The collaboration intends to build a strategic partnership, increasing the range of their products and expanding the solution competence, the production capacity and the level of specialization of both companies.

This strategic partnership is expected to have a beneficial effect on customers, who will gain advantages from this collaboration and is already giving its first significant results.

In fact, Randek AB and SCM will develop and deliver equipment for one of the most advanced house factories for production of modules in wood and steel frame. The customer consulted Bosch Engineering and Production Services to perform a thorough analysis of potential suppliers.

With over sixty years of experience as a worldwide engineering and manufacturing services provider and about 240 production specialists, we have a wide network and extensive market coverage. The decision to recommend our customer to choose Randek AB and SCM was based on their long experience in this kind of business and their high standardization level. In addition, the visit at the suppliers’ premise was very impressive and has shown us that these are the right companies with the right spirit to fulfill the requirements and wishes of our customer”, says Markus Wörnle Robert Bosch GmbH Engineering and Production Services”.

The collaboration between SCM and Randek AB is ready to make its mark on the future of timber construction, guaranteeing top-quality, unique solutions and expertise even for the most complex projects.