PVC flooring: all the advantages of SCM's automatic profiling line

29 okt. 2020

Attractive, long-lasting and easy to lay. PVC floors are as good as "100% wood". The high definition finishing reproduces wooden planks of various types of wood, ceramics and marbles, with extremely elegant details, that are not commonly found in other floorings. And that's not all: as well as its appearance, another advantage is its practicality, because it is the ideal material for an eco-compatible, sound-absorbing, antibacterial and anti-skid flooring. These are the reasons why market demand is continually on the rise at international level.

SCM has sixty solid years of experience in technologies for the flooring industry, with the research and development of complete, customised machining lines carried out by its Engineering team, and offers PVC flooring manufacturers a completely automatic line for the profiling of composite planks, from the individual sheet to the pallet ready for shipping. It is a line integrated with a mahros loading system with automatic pallet control.

For the continuous trimming, split and cut of the panels, the SCM solution has an integrated sizing cell that trims both edges of the panel, splits it in two lengthways and unloads the cut sheets into single and double stacks. The machining speed can reach 15 metres per minute, but equally high is the cutting precision level, with a tolerance of +/-1 mm. The cell consists of a special "celaschi" machine, a well-known SCM benchmark for profiling and cutting technology, and a particular saw for rapid cutting.

The profiling part, on the other hand, is done using two "celaschi tm" squaring machines successfully adopted by different market leaders capable of machining up to 100 pieces per minute.

An ideal combination for machining a large number of different sized panels with maximum productivity, accuracy and flexibility, and all with a rapid return on investment.