On the Leading EDGEBanding: at the SCM event, the latest news on ecological, click-friendly furniture.

29 okt. 2019

Elegant, custom-designed, 100% ecological and easy and fun to assemble. Furniture "changes its look" to fall into line with new furniture and design trends. Timber always takes centre stage: in the edges, shaped profiles and finishings. SCM will focus widely on the most interesting technological new entries in the industry at the "On the Leading EDGEbanding" event due to be held from 7 to 9 November at the SCM Edgebanding Tech Lab in Thiene (Vicenza). Woodworking companies will have a chance to find out more about the new SCM edgebanding systems for "batch 1" machining which interpret furnishing industry requirements as best as possible: flexible, connected, integrated in cells and systems equipped with movement and panel return devices, automatic loading and unloading systems, robots and IoT sensors for a faster response on how the edgebanding machine is functioning. And that is not all: during the event, there will be a chance to take part in a full programme of seminars organised by SCM with benchmark technological partners such as manufacturers of edges, tools, glues and panels with new surface finishes. Threespine® click furniture technology will be one of the topics: the system patented by Valinge which revolutionises assembly without the use of screws or other securing elements. All it takes is one click to obtain furniture with aesthetically perfect results. All this, thanks to special routing units fitted on the SCM edgebanding and profiling machines which complete machining work for the insertion of specific inserts without additional drilling or assembly stages. Plenty of time will also be dedicated to ecological furniture and the latest trends in glues and edges: if PU glues are safer, longer lasting and simpler to use, the ecological panel allows for drastic reductions in emissions and decorative timber elements highlight their appearance. The latest trends will be combined with innovative SCM production systems: SlimLine, the SCM patent that allows you to reduce the use of glue to a minimum; J-Shape Technology for timber shaped profiles and finishing solutions combined with glass effect polymeric laminate surfaces such as Crystal Décor.

Find out more about the SCM edgebanding range and the event.