Inauguration of 4th SCM GROUP CNC machine at VDAB Ghent.

27 okt. 2014

The wood division of the VDAB training centre nearby Ghent, in Belgium, has recently installed a new 5-axis SCM ACCORD 30 FX working centre.

The VDAB is a well-known regional governmental organisation, that organises courses for people that are unemployed. Since a long time they are also the training partner for the wood industry and recently they also started a cooperation with several technical schools that have a woodworkers education but no CNC machine.

Central coordinator of these additional tasks for the VDAB with industry and schools is the national “OCH-CFB” organisation who is fully depending of the woodworking industry itself for the organisation of all kind of trainings needed by the sector members.

SCM GROUP has also been a partner for VDAB and OCH-CFB since almost all CNC basic trainings for operators and programmers took place at VDAB Ghent in the last 15 years. Now since Rogiers became the new SCM dealer for industrial CNC machinery, all partners expressed the intention to continue this cooperation.

Since this new 5-axis machine is the 4th SCM CNC machine that is delivered at the VDAB training centre all partners decided to invite separately schools and industry to show the new facilities and the partnership between the different organisations. It was also the right occasion to present the easy to use MAESTRO CAD/CAM software and the educational possibilities with the virtual 5-axis CNC machine that comes with PROVIEW to more than 60 people that followed the presentation.

After the demo on the machine a reception was presented to all the very satisfied participants of the event.