Diary at Ligna. Outstanding results for SCM "Smart&Human" factory

3 jun. 2019

As far as contacts and business opportunities are concerned, Ligna 2019 was a great success for SCM. As the trade fair comes to an end, Ligna once again proves to be a top quality international event, with more than 90 thousand visitors, according to the organisers, from more than one hundred countries. The most important companies in the woodworking sector and active on all the key, essential international markets, hastened to the trade fair in Hanover to discover what was new in the industry. One of these new entries was the Smart&Human Factory which took centre stage at SCM's bright, elegant stand and was a key attraction. On the crest of the concept wave "You will never work alone" that proves the Group's unique strength as a partner always ready to accompany and support its clients with the most advanced technologies, SCM's digital factory has shown how human work can be integrated with that of industrial, collaborative robots in state of the art cells that are open and safe, to relieve operators of low added value jobs and allow them to focus on supervising the production process.

During the days at Ligna, SCM welcomed visitors from more than 100 countries, who had a chance to explore the Smart&Human Factory thanks both to the different operating cells as well as in "smart" mode, thanks also to the real time projection of dozens of demos onto the enormous leadwall in the SCM Arena.

SCM's exhibition space was one of the busiest at the entire event. The vast exhibiting space was also rendered unique by the presence of a magnificent 12 metre table in ancient kauri wood, from an outstanding manufacturer like Riva1920, designed by Renzo and Matteo Piano and the cornerstone of the stand. A symbolic choice that aimed to render the exhibiting area a place for meeting and dealing. And indeed, business deals and contacts were up compared to previous editions.

Considerable interest was shown in all the new models designed and developed by the Group for each of the wood working stages: those integrated into the human friendly digital factory, like flexstore hp, the high performance automatic warehouse for shaped panels, integrated with the new morbidelli x400 nesting centre and the "stand alone" ones. The dmc system sanding technology integrated with the Superfici spray painting systems and the new robotic glue applications as well as the new sergiani 3d form press attracted a lot of attention at the surface treatment island. The new CNC hypsos and balestrini power machining centres for solid wood technologies were well received as was the oikos x for carpentry work, thanks to its exclusive 6-axes machining heads. There were also plenty of new entries for joinery machinery starting with the new class px 350i mobile carriage circular saw.

The SCM team departs from Hanover with the confidence and optimism of those sound in the knowledge that they are working for an important Group, with the support of outstanding technologies and a sales network that is increasingly more widespread across all five continents.

“You will never work alone”!