De SCM standaardmachines zijn de producten van doorlopende interne ontwikkeling, die aanvulling vormen op de som van de beste vaardigheden en knowhow die zijn verkregen middels de toetreding van Minimax tot SCM Group. Dit merk, met zijn rijke traditie, wordt tegenwoordig gebruikt als modelnaam.

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The spindle moulder dates back to the end of 1800 and was designed to create profiles like those for frames, that were originally done by hand with special planers fitted with shaped rods.
Nowadays, the same result can be achieved using a spindle moulder to work on wood and complete the work commissioned. It is fitted with tools known as cutters which, protruding on the outside and rotating rapidly, remove a part of the wood from a squared element giving it the desired profile. 
The Scm spindle moulders, both electronic and manual, with tilting or fixed shaft, have a modern dual vacuum system which, thanks to two outlets positioned to the side of the spindle moulder shaft, ensure the machine is cleaned perfectly and the work environment kept healthy.
Furthermore, one very important detail in the spindle moulders for processing Scm wood is the direct transmission of the electro-spindle which eliminates maintenance operations (which are, on the other hand, the traditional systems with transmission belt).

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