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Assembly - Clamps for kitchen doors and windows - action m

The best solution for those who have high power need combined to high bonding performance.
The frame presses press and glue any kind of window system: windows, slatted shutters, shutters and solid wood doors.


Perfect windows squareness thanks to the high rigidity structure.

Perfect parallelilsm when moving the pressure beam is guranteed by a rack and pinion synchronised system and torsion bar.

Technical data
    30-17 30-20 35-20 35-25
Max working dimensions L x H
3000x1700 3000x2000 3500x2000 3500x2500
Min working dimensions L x H mm 250x350 250x350 250x350 250x375
Max vertical/horizontal thrust ton 14/6 14/6 14/6 14/6
Working height mm 400/920 400/920 400/920 420/1190
Hydraulic pump power kW 2.1 2.1 2.1 2.1
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