More than 1,800 people involved since January: the Campus training activities continue

22 ژوئیهٔ 2019

Translate company strategies into material actions, to achieve excellent performance levels. All this starting from one's own pool of human resources and the strength of a permanently trained, updated and motivated team. Activities at Campus, Scm Group's training centre, continue. The centre was established with a view to developing the professional technical, organisational and managerial skills of more than 4,000 people who work for the Group in the three large production centres in Italy and its more than twenty foreign branches. A tangible response to the new and continuous technological and training challenges, as well as a journey in search of the inclinations which each one is more or less familiar with. Campus is also this: re-discovering one's own resources to overcome constraints and deal with challenges, transform problems into opportunities for improvement and being innovative. These are some of the aspects found, for example, in the "Young Graduate Program" aimed at 30 graduates under the age of 32, divided into two groups who come from different company departments. On 16-17 July, the second of the five planned courses was held on the topic of "Innovative problem solving" with Chiara Ornaghi, senior consultant at BTS. It will continue until November with other meetings focusing on Project Management and Planning, Economics and Communication.

Campus, which continues and re-launches a long tradition in the Scm Group of projects and relations on matters of training has, since January to date, organised 360 classroom courses involving around 1,800 participants, 300 of whom were guests, a mix of clients and partners. Four Topics were covered; “Welcome” to all the Group's new arrivals; “Technical Training” for specific technical training on different technologies, product lines and industrial and commercial processes; “Leadership” for talented young graduates, resources with consolidated technical skills and managers in all company departments; “Focus on” for specifically focused projects, aimed at acquiring skills, innovative working methods and strategies.

The most significant courses held in the first term covering the development of specific technical and managerial skills include: Managerial, Professional and Young Graduate Learning Path; The Role of Department Head; Go To Market and Sales Excellence Paths; HMI Design Patterns; Quality Function Deployment and Innovation Path.