Data Governance

The Stakeholders are becoming increasingly more pressing with their demands and expectations as far as confidential data processing and protection is concerned, in relation to the services they entrust to the SCM Group. One of the Group's main priorities, within the context of risk-containment strategy, is to protect the personal data it comes into possession of and for which it is responsible under data protection laws.

The Group is committed to safeguarding the privacy of the information capital surrounding its clients, third parties, the company and staff and is pro-active towards this commitment.




The aim is to establish protections and measures which need to be implemented in all the enabling areas and in every line of the organisation’s business, consistent with current legislation.




The quality management system is supported by three pillars: products/services, people, processes

To protect the brand’s value, enhancing the ability to pro-actively identify, assess and appease the significant risks surrounding the treatment and use of confidential information.


To promote greater client trust in the ability to effectively safeguard their information.


To encourage a cultural change, in which the safeguarding of information is a prerequisite of all activities and to allow SCM Group to stand out from its competitors.


To implement measures aimed at data protection to generate and minimize any impact on those in question and on the Group’s reputation.




The Programme is engaged in managing the services provided by implementing practices and procedures aimed at preventing, detecting and responding to potential incidents. This contributes to keeping the level of employee, client and third-party trust high, as well as empowering the professionals who are part of the Group to process and protect the information in an intelligent and proactive manner.




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