Discover the waterjet 3D cutting!

Mar 8, 2024

One of the key advantages of waterjet technology is that being an erosive process, there is no relevant physical contact between the cutting process and the part being processed, by making the worktable set up quicker and simpler to operators.

Now we can move forward and reach new levels: the combination between the 5-axis JD5 cutting head and the software DDX Easyjet offers an opportunity to expand the cutting capabilities of waterjet machines in the CMS range, by expanding application limits!

Due to the intuitive and user friendly programming, by starting with a 3D model, it is now possible to control every processing aspect from the direction of the cutting head to actual head movements, in order to avoid collisions with the piece.

The software’s advanced functions allow you to intervene on the cutting path, to improve the dynamics of the cutting head in order to achieve higher cutting quality and better precision.

In order to accommodate more demanding applications, the inclination of the head can reach up to ± 60 degrees.