Z3 and CMS: at the heart of metal cleaning

Jun 7, 2023

We are going to Z3 in Emilia-Romagna, a business that has been processing a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys since 1995. 

Upon entering, we immediately sense the vibrant atmosphere of a dynamic company that is continuously evolving technologically, aiming to provide its customers the best service with excellent value for money. That is why Z3 collaborates with approximately 300 companies.  

Here, we meet Mirko Zignani, the former employee turned legal representative and owner of Z3. He explains us that the automotive, motorcycle, naval, furniture and food industries are the primary sectors in which the company currently operates. Through their experience and the combination of cleaning and chrome plating technologies, Z3 is capable to offer the finished product directly to their customers. 

The ability to offer this complete service, explains Mirko, “makes the customer very satisfied” precisely because it meets the needs of the market: to find a partner with all the skills to ensure high quality and reliability standards. 

In order to offer this level of service, Z3 relies on CMS, and we are very pleased to hear that, for Mirko, our machines “are essential because they are the heart of the cleaning process”. 

The CMS machines purchased over the years have sped up the process of cleaning parts after cutting by eliminating many steps while ensuring that the process is repeatable and uniform, unlike conventional hand cleaning. 

Another significant advantage is the reduction in cleaning costs, achieved by increasing the volume of machined parts, while maintaining a very high level of finish quality. 

By industrializing this phase, Z3 can now boast collaborations with major brands as it can satisfy both large-batch orders and the complex needs typical of the luxury market.