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DAFA, a Danish company founded in 1939 by Børge Norby, is a world reference for the design and implementation of products based on foam and polymeric materials, well-known and respected for the quality of its products and its capability to offer an extremely collaborative customer service

The Mission of DAFA is "to offer sustainable and long-lasting solutions that can seal, absorb and protect. The goal is to let customers experience the added value from the partnership with DAFA."

For the above reason DAFA established a profitable partnership with CMS since 2001, finding the perfect combination of experience, innovation and quality.

During the years DAFA made important investments, installing in every production site (Denmark, China and Poland) the CMS Waterjet cutting machines, both multiple 3 axes heads and 5 axis head as Tecnocut Waterspeedy S and Tecnocut Idroline S. Using CMS waterjet cutting machines brings about substantial advantages for DAFA production chain in terms of operating speed, machining accuracy, tooling versatility and cost optimization.

DAFA’s latest investment, with the purchase of three 4150 bar electric intensifiers GREENJET EVO, in place of actual traditional hydraulic intensifiers, is part of a process to improve efficiency and energy saving during production of foams and polymer-based parts.


GREENJET EVO is the groundbreaking, highly efficient electric pump fully designed and manufactured by CMS. A top-performance torque servomotor supplies a very high-pressure level while removing the hydraulic unit and up to 80% of components compared to a traditional hydraulic intensifier.

The high level of innovation and engineering of pump allow the intensifier GREENJET EVO to position on the market as the low environmental impact technology with 30% less energy consumption and 60% more efficiency than traditional intensifiers, in addition to benefiting from a very silent operation.

Another important benefit, in favor of electric technology, is the absence of oil-based hydraulic component which is less efficient and requires the disposal of the exhausted oil every 2000 hours.

For a company as DAFA, structured to operate mainly on three work shifts, the above benefits have been very important and decisive to choose a "Green" technology.

  • Reduced maintenance thanks to 80% less structural components and lower cycles per minute
  • Reduced environmental impact thanks to the absence of 240 liters tank
  • More silent thanks to the electric actuator
  • Long life gaskets thanks to the dedicated water cooling
  • Excellent cutting quality thanks to the extremely constant pressure signal
  • Optional air cooler for electric cabinet
  • Power: 34 kW 
  • Cylinders: 2 opposed
  • Maximum pressure: up to 6200 bar
  • Maximum water flow: up to a 5 L/min
  • Maximum orifice diameter: up to 0.40 mm
  • Voltage: 400V ± 5% 50/60 Hz
  • Footprint: 2104 x 700 x 1450 mm
  • Weight: 970 kg
  • Noise level: < 75 dB
  • Booster pump: Integrated

In response to customer DAFA needs to maximize the efficiency of its own waterjet cutting machines and the flexibility producing foams even of high thickness, CMS offered 2 electric intensifiers GREENJET EVO installed in parallel.

The pumps are set to run in pairs and generate an overall water flow of 10 L/min at 4150 bar and increase the performances of the Tecnocut Waterspeedy S equipped with five 3 axes cutting head with automatic variable center distance.

Alternatively the solution allows to work with a single pump interfaced to the machine, while the second one is under scheduled maintenance as per the manual of use or in case of unexpected downtime.

In addition to earned flexibility, together with the high-tech solutions engineered for the electric intensifier GREENJET EVO, DAFA estimated a real economic saving, which compared to a traditional hydraulic intensifier can go up to a 60% reduction in operating and maintenance costs.


Design and implementation of products based on foam and polymeric materials


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