Soft skill, the hidden treasure - group management

Aug 2, 2022


Name: Stefano Micoli

Sport: Volleyball

Team: Volley Bergamo 1991

Position: Trainer


Italian Championship: 3 (1998, 2006, 2017)

Turkish Championship: 1 (2012)

Champions League: 1 (2005)

Italian Cup: 2 (1998, 2006)

Italian Supercup: 2 (1997, 2004)

Italian Cup A2: 1 (2009)



  • In your everyday work, what does good group management mean?
  • How can you bring out the potential of each player and subsequently put that to good use in the team?
  • What essential feature does a trainer require and what does s/he look for in his/her players?
  • How do you start again after a victory and how do you deal with the stress after a defeat?


Interviewed by Stefano Stara (CMS Business Development and Services Manager), Stefano Micoli takes us on a journey in search of one of the most important soft skills: the ability to manage a group.

Who better than a winning trainer can help us understand how to manage a group, how to be a leader through the inevitable ups and downs of a long sports season? Because, to quote a passage from the interview, “victories and defeats can be deceptive, and are skilled impostors”.