The best productivity in kitchen top production: MCR meets CMS!

Oct 15, 2019

MCR Marmor-Center GmbH is a large manufacturer of kitchen tops operating between Germany and Austria. The company is deeply committed to seeking out top product quality, combined with process efficiency, and the reduction of downtime.

CMS has been able to meet this need by providing MCR with machinery acclaimed for top industry leading performance; starting with the bridge milling machine including a belt conveyor (Brembana Sprint BT) up to the latest two newcomers in the German workshop: a large waterjet machine equipped with a 5-axis operating unit capable of alternating operations on 2 separate work areas (Brembana Aquatec Twin), and a 4-axis machining center with a work surface made up of a large rotating table (Brembana Speed TR). These two machines are additional to the four machines already installed in the German factory, strengthening the presence of CMS inside one of the best-known workshops in the industry.

"The CMS machines work like clockwork and, especially the last 2 machines (Brembana Aquatec twin and Brembana Speed TR, editor’s note) have surprised us with perfect performance," says Steffen Wurstl, owner of MCR.



  • + 30% increase in productivity
  • Maximum accessibility for loading / unloading operations
  • + 20% Space saving compared to stand-alone standard solutions
  • Precision and quality workmanship at the top of their industry