MIT and CMS increased presence in the area!

Aug 6, 2021


increased presence in the area!


The partnership between MIT srl and CMS SpA for the Marche, Abruzzo and Umbra regions is active, with a clear aim: to be present across in the area with a fast, widespread and direct service to satisfy all your demands and resolve any problems that may arise, as quickly as possible.


So, MIT Srl becomes your direct spokesperson, guaranteeing you professionalism, technical and sales expertise thanks to a continuous and direct contact with colleagues at CMS Spa’s central headquarters.


This partnership stems from the will to always be at your side, guaranteeing you the added value of a capillary presence of an all-round, efficient service and complete “turnkey” supplies.





  • Fast, quality service
  • Direct presence across the country
  • Understanding your needs in an instant