Every furniture manufacturer's dream: maximum productivity, high quality and endless machining with SCM's new edge banding systems


How can fast machining and delivery, precision and customisation be successfully combined? The design and furnishing sectors require flexibility, endless colour, finishing and form combinations as well as reduced times and maximum quality for the finished product. How can all these demands be put together? While ordering the item of furniture of our dreams is easier than ever - often all it takes is an on line click to choose colours, sizes, thickness and finishing, and voilà, the product will be ready and delivered in no time at a convenient price - "behind the scenes", for those making all this happen, things are not quite so straightforward. This is particularly the case with industrial edge banding, increasingly more influential nowadays with regards to design: modularity is a diktat, machining work multiplies, but one has to continue to be efficient and fast. The new SCM edge banding systems for "batch 1" machining interpret furnishing industry requirements as best as possible: flexible, connected, integrated in cells and systems equipped with movement and panel return devices, automatic loading and unloading systems, robots and IoT sensors for a faster response on how the edge banding machine is functioning. “On the Leading EDGEBanding”: the new SCM stefani cell range is state of the art technology for flexible "batch 1" edge banding which combines maximum productivity, quality and endless collections.

Find out more about the range and “On the Leading EDGEbanding” event, from 7 to 9 November at the Edgebanding Tech Lab SCM in Thiene (Vicenza).