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The Bingen triumvirate

The triumvirate of the title is not one of the infamous magistratures of ancient times but a contemporary group of individuals. We are talking about three capable entrepreneurs of Bingen (close to Sigmaringen), which share common interests, despite their different origins. They are all involved in wood working in different contexts and diversified aspects, but with a shared characteristics: the three companies are a local institutions and their owners have a weakness for the Italian machines produced by the SCM Group.

SCM fever has spread amongst our triumvirate of Treppen und Geländer Wiehl, Holzbau und Zimmerei Brunner and Möbelschreiner und Architekt Pahl. The three companies continue their reliance on so-called standard machines for their production, along with or in addition to numerical control machining techniques. They all place a great deal of importance on aspects such as high technological content, reliability and prestigious design. Let’s examine them in detail.


Treppen und Geländer Wiehl

The managing director Jörg Wiehl does everything he can, as partner and reliable supplier, to meet the requirements of his long-term clients, which mainly consist of manufacturers of prefabricated houses and builders as well as carpenters and joiners. This means on the one hand, perfectly constructed stairs down to the smallest detail, and on the other utmost punctuality in deliveries. The company’s inspiration can be found in its mission (“We want to be a modern company focused on the future”) and in its quality management system, which complies with the latest version of the standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.  

Jörg Wiehl: “With our three CNC workcentres we are very well organised from a production and technical point of view. However for certain customised machining operations, such as the chamfers or 45° cuts, or even to adapt cuts and continuous cycle machining, such as mortising, standard machines are often better. Therefore in the SCM area we have two circular saws and an 8-axes spindle moulder, soon to be joined by a Superset automatic throughfeed moulder.”

The machines mentioned in the SCM area are:

L’invincibile Si-X circular saw

Oscillation sector 92° = +/- 46°, blade unit tiltable on both sides, “Full Support” squaring frame for chamfers and complex angular cuts, 12” touchscreen colour display 

L’invincibile SI-5 circular saw

12“ touchscreen colour display, Quick Lock workpieces length stop rapid lock

TI-5 spindle moulder

Electrospindle, 8-axes control, HSK-63 spindle quick release system, 12“ touchscreen colour display with programming and tools database 

Superset NT Automatic throughfeed moulder

Machine in composition 5 including left vertical spindle equipped with automatic horizontal adjustment; it allows to process sequence of pieces with different width from 25 up to 260 mm, without stopping the machine for a high saving of time.

Superset NT is provided with Mobile 10 electronic control for the management of 5 electronic positioning axes, MDI function permits the adjustment of manual axes by means of interactive messages, guiding the operator in every single operation.  The Superset NT’s customer is provided also with SET-UP system, guaranteeing easy and quick profile change, because at every tool change corresponds only one adjustment.

In order for the company’s consolidated expertise in stairs to emerge convincingly the client must know and experience the birth of his stairs: from the tree trunk all the way through the design and construction of the finished stairs. All this begins by entering the design studio which offers over 20 different variations of stairs and by visiting the company. On that occasion the dream stairs are assembled and designed with the support of a professional consultant.

“Thanks to the support and excellent consultancy of the SCM area manager we had a clear idea of which machines we would have needed and that we would be able to have delivered and installed quickly. Just four months from the fire we were fully operational”, this is how Klaus Brunner, the owner, explained how he chose to re-equip his carpentry shop.

The machines selected:

▪ SI 550 circular saw

3,200 mm cutting length, 1,500 mm cutting width (right), 200 mm cutting height, complete with 4-axes digital control and LCD screen in the control panel above the table and LED indicators 

FS 520 Class combined planer-thicknesser

520 mm useful machining width, pneumatic quick change system, power driven lifting of the thicknessing table with LED digital indicator, tiltable stop, pneumatically operated planer guard, retractable safety cover

▪ TI 105 Nova spindle moulder

+45°spindle tilting, 3,500/6,000/8,000/10,000 rpm spindle rotation speed, right/left, spindle adjustment in both axes with digital indicators, handle stop adjustment with digital indicators, 2 120 mm extractor outlets

“Despite our company’s demanding requests we have never had difficulties with SCM machines. They are sturdy and simple to use, so much so that two of our employees immediately understood how they operate”, says the master carpenter, satisfied with his choice. For him: “nothing is impossible!”. This aspect is also important for a family run company that obtains the best results by “working together – celebrating together”.

Reduced material waste, but especially more units produced per kWh, was some important issues for Dometic, who has sustainability as one of their focus issues. But in the end it was the responsiveness together with the fact that the offer from S.I.T. was the one giving most value for money, that decided their choice. Also, both Mats Borg and Daniel Bergåker, process technician at Dometic Seitz, praises the response from S.I.T. both during the procurement process and the installation.

"They have showed an ability to really listen to us and give response to what we needed and was looking for", says Daniel Bergåker.

Christoph Pahl Furniture Factory

Christoph Pahl is a joiner, architect and supplier of services. As building contractor he can provide customers with a complete package: from designing to construction. “For me the aesthetics, the tactile and the acoustics are all equally important. In a time of surfaces and superficiality, such as the laminated-craze for example, there are still people who want to see, touch and hear the materials”, this is the principle that guides Cristoph Pahl in his work. One could almost say that he manages two different activities under the same roof: wood working workshop and architect’s office. This allows him to hear his customers’ ideas, from which he develops and produces creative and functional solutions which he then puts into practice, supervising the entire design cycle all the way through the construction. In this process he places great importance on the originality of the design and on utmost quality. Customers must always come back enthusiastic, “and they do when they are satisfied”, he states with conviction. 


The aim is to express, with the configuration, the whole philosophy that determines his process. Which begins by purchasing the wood directly from local forests, which he has cut in the sawmill and lets it dry in his premises. He then lets his customers choose their wood. Another rule: the type of wood is associated to the person, because they must be able to feel that their wood adapts to their use. And seeing as the tactile aspect is more important than the aesthetics: “the sound of the material is important” and: “my unique models always have the same level of uniqueness that mirrors the customer”. Artificial materials, which for him are plastic materials in general, are therefore disliked. 

The same meticulousness has also been employed in equipping the woodworking workshop, because “in the workshop the wood must be able to shine, not the machine”. This is why the master joiner, after a few initial trials, was struck by the machines of the SCM group. “SCM builds all the machines that I need: non-showy colours, not much plastic, a lot of metal and good design, that grabs the attention. The machines focus on the wood, as a material, and their technical brilliance and reliability is well-known”, this is the motivation for choosing the current machines which consist of:

▪ SI 450 Class circular saw

3200 mm cutting length, 1270 mm cutting width, positioning control to adjust height and oscillation, digital indicator on the parallel fence, 450 mm diameter blade

▪ Profiset 40 automatic throughfeed moulder

180 mm/105 mm work area, 4 spindles, positioning control for 2 vertical and horizontal axes, wide 2300 mm infeed table

▪ 300 RCS 110 Wide belt sander

110 cm machining width, 2 units with steel roller and combination unit for calibrating and sanding, as well as veneering  

Christoph Pahl’s concept includes the possibility of offering customised solutions at affordable prices. To do this there certain key aspects in machining the solid wood and in the painting process. Materials in panels are provided by a sub-supplier  and the finished kitchen furniture is bought from a renowned manufacturer. 

When we referred to a triumvirate at the beginning, we meant a friendly relationship between three capable entrepreneurs that successfully run their companies inspired by lofty principles and excellent machinery. A positive example also for modern times.

"We have a continued strong increase in volume, so in spite of efficiency improvements with the new CNC milling machine, we have to reintroduce weekend shift to manage the production, says Mats Borg. So I don’t think it is impossible that there will be another Routech Ergon from S.I.T. here in the future", Mats Borg concludes.

Ergon R400 TVN is a special solution designed and produced in the Routech plant of the SCM. It is a work centre with double bar table, each one with a useful area of 2850x1850 mm. Specific hold-down equipment ensure the perfect finishing quality of the client’s pieces: car windows, in specially shaped methacrylate. On each table the routing and drilling operations are carried out by a 5-axes machining unit. Therefore two machining units in total that can operate in parallel or independently, to fulfil all productivity and flexibility requirements. 


Wiehl, Brunner, Pahl (Germany)

The Bingen triumvirate


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