CMS restarts with production and operations in full compliance with anti-Covid regulations

30 Apr 2020

CMS restarts with production and operations in full compliance with anti-Covid regulations


A restart that allows us to continue to provide maximum support to our customers and partners, as we have done in recent weeks and will continue to do, by enhancing digital tools and services for training, after-sales assistance and remote demos.


In full compliance with the health and safety protocols, CMS restarts with production and operations activities.

Our production departments will have to be reopened following a strategic restart plan in order, also in coordination with the suppliers of our supply chain, to thoroughly comply with all the provisions for the protection of workers' health. We will be fully committed to improving the level of service provided to our customers, confirming all activities in support of their business and for the optimization of their manufacturing processes.



Despite the restrictions imposed by the "lockdown", we have never stopped supporting customers, partner companies and the sales network all over the world: during this period we have further strengthened all our support, training and remote assistance operations, activating a targeted digital strategy for constant connection with all companies of our sectors, even from afar.

Our customer-care, sales, technical department and R&D team will continue to operate in smartworking mode to support, even in "remote connection mode", customers, sales network and partners worldwide. In this environment, meetings, conference calls, practical demonstrations and online courses have been intensified.

Through our "CMS connect" platform, we offer immediate access to a wide range of digital services in order to ensure CMS’ team support to the operators towards the optimization of all service and maintenance activities.