Building the perfect solution for metal cutting applications: Remosa & CMS

19 Mar 2020

From CMS' extensive know-how in hydroabrasive waterjet cutting technology, comes the perfect solution for metal cutting applications, able to meet the high quality and productivity standards of customer Remosa Srl (IMI Critical Group). Remosa Srl is a well-established company in the design of prototypes for Oil & Gas applications and solutions for the maintenance and assistance of industrial plants; Remosa Srl has found in the tecnocut aquatec 8030 system a machine that best combines the cutting power of a high-pressure waterjet system with the reliability of a sturdy, modular frame, equipped with a large work surface capable of ensuring positioning accuracy and repeatability at the top of its category.



  • Double 4150-bar electrical intensifier mounted on-board the gantry with a water flow rate up to 10 l/min, without any pressure drops
  • Modular tank with automatic ''Zero-Maintenance'' sludge evacuator
  • Worktable with a load capacity up to 2000 kg/m2
  • 5-axis JD5 cutting head with infinite rotation for cutting with taper compensation without interruption and inclined cuts up to 60°
  • Motors with high-precision planetary gearboxes and transmission with helical ''zero-backlash'' pinions and racks



  • 40% higher productivity on thicker steel plates compared to the standard intensifier configuration on the floor
  • Positioning accuracy +/- 0.02 mm/m and repeatability +/- 0.025 mm over the entire worktable
  • Best-in-class waterjet cutting system in terms of performance and reliability, thanks to innovative design solutions such as patents for abrasive transport and electric high-pressure actuators on-board the gantry with 68 kW power and 10 l/min water flow rate