Building Up Business With SCM Pratika

5 Jun 2019

Growing from just a handful of staff to a team of 60 in only 4 years, Network RV has quickly expanded into a leading manufacturer and supplier of caravan furniture and interiors.

Established by Director Joe Marcovic, Network RV designs and manufactures for a variety of caravan companies, as well as producing their own caravans. "In the early days we were manufacturing one caravan a week. Now we're producing around 30 a week," said Joe.

Creating both generic and unique custom designs, Network RV needed a factory setup that was capable of constant and consistent production quality.

"Before I started Network RV I had worked with many different machines and suppliers in a variety of settings," said Joe. "For my own company, I wanted to go with the supplier I'd had the best experience with. SCM Australia was an easy choice."

With furniture that can consist of up to 300 parts with each part needing to be individually designed, the factory setup had to be robust and reliable. "The SCM team we dealt with knew our business well, so were able to advise on the best machines to fit straight into our business," said Joe. "Combining the SCM Pratika 310MF CNC machining centre with a K360TER edgebander has worked out very well for us."

A versatile machine perfect for a range of joinery applications, the SCM Pratika has completely transformed Network RV's manufacturing process. Bringing the SCM Pratika into their factory has not only increased production from one piece of furniture per day to 20-30 sets of furniture per week, it has also allowed for new methods for building the pieces. "It's key to our production. The Pratika is the hub and centre, it all starts from there. Our enture business revolves around it," said Joe.

Regular servicing and maintenance has been a positive experience for Network RV, making sure that both the Pratika and K360 run as smoothly as possible. "We've had no major problems with either machine," said Joe. "The SCM technicians are prompt and experienced. They get in and get the job done so that we never have to stop work."

Joe has been so impressed with the SCM Pratika that he has already placed an order with SCM for a second CNC, due to be delivered in the coming months.

"The SCM Pratika has really helped us to set our business apart in the market - it makes our operation seamless," said Joe. "It gives me the confidence and security that production is never going to stop, and we'll always be able to satisfy our customers. SCM Australia has been fantastic, I'd never consider anyone else."