The story of three technological excellences, today reunited in a single brand

Mar 26, 2020

You need to start in the past to build a future. SCM knows this well and has the advantage of relying on a long history at its back, especially when it comes to surface treatment. This is the story of three highly specialised technological excellences, each one in its own sector: Superfici for finishing, Dmc for sanding and Sergiani for pressing.

Nowadays, all three together make SCM a unique partner in providing all-round assistance to those businesses looking to manufacture products with special finishings and a high visible impact.

The first Dmc sanders date back to 1956. This range of solutions has expanded over the decades in line with market trends, and has been part of SCM's extensive product portfolio since the 1980s. Nowadays, these technologies are the cornerstone of SCM's offer on surface treatment and are appreciated throughout the world for their high quality of finishings and the solid reliability of the models.

The first Sergiani presses date back even further, to 1954: after the level of quality took a significant leap forward at the end of the 1960s with the patented sergiani Ias continuous cycle, the real change came in 2006 when SCM Group took over Sergiani. This guaranteed continuity and development in the creation of plants complete with pressing even for the veneering of three-dimensional surfaces and curved panels thanks to the development of the membrane press range.

Superfici, on the other hand, was founded in 1946 with its own production of machinery for wood finishing, and introduced the market to the revolutionary systems of UV polymerisation and vertical dryers. In 1995, Valtorta was bought over. The company had been established in 1962 and was well known on the market for its production of curtain coating for panels, the most varied range of roller application machines, printing machines, spraying robots and lacquering machines for edges. In 2004, the encounter with SCM made Superfici a worldwide recognised brand with its exclusive technological solutions in the field of wood painting and full range of finishing systems.

They say that strength lies in numbers. We believe that the union of these three excellences is a truly winning force for an impeccable finishing process.