Our history

The company was established in 1946 to produce classic woodworking machineries.
In a short time, the range of products offered grew, thanks to the import of special machines from Germany and the acquisition, in the mid-70s of Superall, allowing the creation of the Superfici-surfaces division, able to supply complete systems and lines for  lacquering of wooden components.

1995 marked the encounter with Valtorta, company established in 1962 with the launch on the Italian market of the curtain coater and well known for the production of application machineries such as roller coaters, printing machines, spraying robots and edge coaters.
This encounter gave rise to a constructive synergy, which brought to the creation of a group specialized in lacquering.

2004 Superfici enters the SCM group and thanks to the wide technological, organisational and financial SCM structures and it can today brilliantly express its potentials.

Today SUPERFICI is well known all over the world for its technological solutions in the lacquering field and it can offer a complete range of finishing systems: complete roller coating lines with UV dryers, sophisticated printing lines, spraying lines complete with linear, vertical or UV dryers, manual spray booths, overhead hanging lines for the lacquering of window frames or three-dimensional pieces.

In addition to traditional applications in the wood field, SUPERFICI has developed a wide knowledge and experience in other fields. Specific products have been developed or adapted to the lacquering of plastic, glass, paper, composite materials, car components and to various special applications.