The best superfici technologies for parquet

May 25, 2020

The talk is about parquet with particular focus on finishing and painting. In recent years, market demands have evolved dramatically with a growing focus on a product's more "natural" effect. Even manufacturers of technologies and finishing have shown their awareness to this evolution; in particular, there has been a considerable rise in the variety of finishings aimed precisely at achieving this effect.

In this competitive context, the painting system....

The painting system for the parquet industry must rely on an uncompromising management of the process. The control of painting cycle parameters needs to guarantee a quality that can be reproduced and verified, while simultaneously following the different processes requested with flexibility, rapidly moving from one machining process to another.
The new Industry 4.0 control systems are the ideal tools for satisfying these demands.
Each superfici machine (whether it is a roller applicator or a UV dryer) can rely on work programs with the highest number of programmable parameters (from the rollers' direction and speed to the work pressures, to the power required for the UV lamps).

In particular, the valtorta f1 roller applicators have specific devices, controlled by the program which guarantee repeatability of the weights used.
If filling has to be done, a specific filling machine can even provide for the application of thick fillers, if required.
The UV modules integrated into the line are always electronically powered with an extensive regulating power range and reflectors better suited to achieving excellent focus or, if critical, with a special implementation in order to keep the surface temperature of the pieces under control.
The central line supervision control system completes the panel, combining the work programs of each individual machine in a line procedure which will achieve the desired process.
All this guarantees continued quality and maximum flexibility. Supervision can be connected to factory IT systems and assist with on line troubleshooting.

A line controlled in this fashion will be equipped with all the machinery needed to achieve the multiple required effects or the implementation of different processes (roller applicators could be used, for example, for the various colours and be activated when required, or remain off-line at the cleaning stage). Oil cycles could be used as an alternative to UV painting cycles.

The same attention to process quality can also be found in small lines with a lower production capacity and used for specific treatments, for example, oil or UV oil finishings.

The use of UV oil with LED polymerisation is also interesting here. It comes in natural tone or various colours to produce captivating, highly customised finishing design effects. SUPERFICI also has a range of well-known UV LED Matrix systems designed and manufactured by them.

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