SCM surface technologies: a unique partner for 3d lamination

Jun 9, 2020

The process of 3D lamination will be one of the key topics at the next SCM Live Show, streaming live world-wide from 30 June to 2 July. It is a surface treatment solution that is in continuous expansion in the furniture production market thanks to the technological development of machinery, coating materials and adhesive glues that have ensured the products achieve exceptional aesthetic levels. This product is not as delicate as a lacquer and, as a result, is ideal for use in a number of situations thanks to its considerable practicality as well as the variety of finishings it offers.

What distinguishes this end product and makes this solution a unique coating technique are the three-dimensional surfaces which can add movement with unusual visual geometrical effects like the latest textures or patterns.

Another important advantage of this process is being able to obtain a product coated on the main surface and edge, without design or colour interruptions and without the presence of edge joints, in order to give the piece a full and solid visual appearance.

On the surface, the product can easily resemble natural wood, or lacquer painted, thanks to the quality of the coating materials available as well as the application process. An articulated process, made up of complex, laborious work phases which, if carried out incorrectly, will compromise the quality of the final look, with the appearance of all kinds of surface defects visible even to the less well-trained eye.

3D lamination requires particular care and attention and technology and work parameters play a key role: from the quality of the surface sanding operations, the correct application procedure of the glue, in terms of quantity and sequence, right up to the correct pressure and temperature with which the coating pressing and thermoforming cycle is carried out.

This is why interactions between technologies and awareness of what comes before and after each operation, becomes essential. The importance of a unique partner such as SCM becomes fundamental in correctly choosing a systems that encompasses all these solutions.