Next Wood: Superfici and Scm at the Milan Politecnico

Dec 20, 2018

Scm took up a teaching role at the Milan Politecnico to describe the latest innovations in the field of “surface technology”. Representing the Italian Group during the Next Wood event were Gloria Valtorta and Roberto Finetti, respectively the BU Manager and Product Manager of Superfici, the Scm company of excellence working for the finishing sector. Both described the Superfici UV-LED Matrix drying system, designed to meet the growing need for innovation by companies operating in the woodworking industry.
The result of intensive research and testing carried out in collaboration with paint manufacturers, and decades-long experience in the industry, Matrix is indeed a technologically advanced product that successfully meets the requirements for sustainability and energy saving.
The response of the attentive and actively involved public at the Politecnico was a demonstration of how important is such an innovative system which can successfully combine quality, energy and cost savings, efficiency and speed in a single machine.