The coating of mineral-based boards requires a comprehensive konwledge in terms of process and equipment to be used.

Our product range includes machines and complete  integrated solutions for the industrial coating of large and small panels for facades or for interior use, ceiling tiles or roof tiles. 

Lines can be engineered for the application of solid colours to create a contemporary look as well as for the achievement of decoration effects , which replicate the apperance of wood or marble.

Spray lines can count on our Magnum, the high capacity spraying machine with multiple lacquer reclaiming units and integrated quick colour change software for the highest flexibility in the production management of small batches.

Roller application is performed by our Valtorta F1, the utmost level of technology in roller coating with full control of all application parameters and its capability of perfectly integrating in full automated lines with centralized supervising software.

Dryers are engineered and suited to the required drying process, combining IR irradiation and convectional hot air drying. For longer drying times vertical dryers can be used. If UV curing is necessary , then the most suitable UV modular unit is selected for the purpose, from our UVM1 for flat lines to our Excimatt,  the latest excimer technology.


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Oscillating Spraying Machine Magnum - SCM Group


Finishing systems

Spraying machine with a high production capacity. Ensured quality of the product thanks to the optimal distribution of lacquer even in more critical situations through the patented independent double reciprocators. The automatic change of the suction...

Roller Coater Valtorta F1 - SCM Group

valtorta f1

Finishing systems

Thanks to Superfici’s vast experience in finishing, the Valtorta F1 is a fast and efficient roller coating machine which is suitable for finishing flat panels, doors, parquet, and furniture panels. Its technology and features are perfectly integrated...

Curtain Coater VAL/B - SCM Group


Finishing systems

Curtain coating system that can be supplied with one or more units installed in the machine. The heads are available in two versions: Pressure head: in which the veil is formed by compressing the paint between two stainless steel knives. The structure of...

Six-daylight Dryer Contivert ETC1 - SCM Group


Finishing systems

Designed for drying or drying in laminar flow air. The dryer has 6 carpet trays enclosed in the drying chamber, moved by means of a special up / down system. Through the vertical movement, each tray is cyclically brought to the loading and unloading...

UV Dryer Selecure UVM1 - SCM Group


Finishing systems

Selecure is the technological solution in the field of photo-curing with ultraviolet radiation. The irradiation system is based on a modular system with a single irradiation source. The modules are in anodized aluminum with hinged doors (top and front)...


Finishing systems

Superfici excimatt gives a surprisingly soft touch effect and achieves an extremely low gloss level; effects that are highly appreciated by the latest design trends. Superfici Excimatt system, applies the excimer technology on the...

dmc system bt line

Wide belt sanders

Top/bottom calibrating sanding line for large-sized companies in the woodworking industry characterised by high working feed speed rates and strong stock removals in heavy-duty production lines. Dedicated solution to process both panel sides in a single...

Flat Airblade Dryer - SCM Group

airblade dryers

Finishing systems

Linear dryer that uses hot and high-speed air. Thanks to the fast-drying cycle it is ideal for drying of water lacquers and colors. The preheated air is fed into a manifold which feeds a series of air blades that hit the panel with knocking air...

air jet dryers

Finishing systems

Linear dryer uses hot air at high speed. A centrifugal fan that sends the air to a series of circular section nozzles, arranged diagonally in relation to the feed, obtaining a semi-closed-circuit ventilation system. Thanks to the particularly high air...

Jet Air Blade Flat Dryer - SCM Group

jet air blade dryers

Finishing systems

Linear dryer with semi-closed-circuit ventilation system, a centrifugal fan sends air into a hood that allows the series of air blades to be fed with maximum uniformity and minimum loss of load. The dryer is ideal for cycles rapid drying or drying of...

Flat Dryer IDRO - SCM Group

Idro dryers

Finishing systems

The Idro dryer takes advantage of the combined effect of forced ventilation (counter flow and percussion) and IR irradiation (short and medium wave), to speed uo the flashing-off phase of water-based products.