Secondhand machines by CMS Nordest

CMS Nordest is the exclusive point of reference for all secondhand CMS machines across the whole of Europe. In line with the high standards of quality that CMS guarantees with every product it offers, the secondhand market is no exception and we offer a certified, reliable and state-of-the-art service that will allow you to purchase the secondhand machine that you are looking for with the peace of mind of an extremely accurate control process. Before you commission a secondhand CMS machine at your plant, we will ensure it undergoes a rigorous protocol of controls to bring it up to maximum efficiency. 

Our certified protocol for your secondhand machine

  • Control of parts and cleaning
  • Operating checks, tests and controls of its structures
  • Check on parts subject to wear and, where necessary, replacement with original CMS spare parts
  • Final checks, tests and commissioning of the machine