minimax s 45n

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Standardmaschinen - Bandsägemaschinen - minimax s 45n

Professional band saw for woodworkers and craftsmen workshops.

The minimax s 45n is an SCM Group made 2.5hp motor bandsaw. With over 20 years of service to the American Market and produced on the same line as the world-famous combination machine line, the S45N is a great saw for custom furniture makers. Some features include a large cast iron table, an easy to remove aluminum hi-low fence and large balanced wheels creating a fly wheel effect.


Solidity and sturdiness
Very thick, cast iron wheels, as well as the worktable, running on sealed for life ball bearings.

Safety first
Total safety machining with telescopic protections with rackwork to the blade.

Perfect results
A perfect cut result is assured by the top and bottom high precision blade guides. Practical machines suitable also to perform straight and tilted cuts on wood, plastic and aluminum.

Technische Daten
s 45 n  
Worktable dimensions520 x 600 mm
Cast iron saw wheels diameter450mm
Max. cutting height300mm
Max. cutting width440mm
Worktable tilting (no CE)0° ÷ 20° (45°) 
Three-phase motor power3 (3,6) kW - 50 (60) Hz 
Case Studies
Lorenzo Vianello
Andrea Schiavolin

Presentation of the s 45 n Minimax band saw - Presentazione della sega a nastro s 45 n

Band Saw blade sharpening and setting - Stradatura e affilatura lama sega a nastro

Change band saw blade on the s 45 n - Cambio lama sega a nastro su s 45 n

Tips using bandsaw - Consigli utilizzo sega a nastro

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