Технологии для окон и дверей



The limitless benefits of automating your process thanks to Superfici technologies.


Masonite is a publicly traded door manufacturer serving residential and architectural customers globally. The Northumberland plant serves middle and upper Architectural markets with focus on Hospitality, Healthcare & Education segments. Our doors are constructed using a variety of natural wood materials which are 100% wood with the exception of glass viewing panels and metal accessories.

“Our target markets are 90% domestic and 10% various international” the Plant Manager Bill Freeman explains. All constructions are “made to order” with infinite variation in size, wood species, machining requirements, fire rating, paint, stain and glass configurations. “Our process is fully internal, and our supply chain is largely vertical from raw components through finished product. Machining and finishing are central to our competitive advantage, particularly our ability to process batch one single piece flow”.  

“Technology is extremely important to our business strategy, improving safety and agility with SMED technology, and reduced lead times. Manual work remains necessary as in the case of true craftsmen installing molding or louvers. But material handling and repetitive actions are being automated. We are progressing through an automation revolution as a company, seeking new and innovative ways to supply more than great doors. Two of our core tenants are “on the threshold of what’s next” and “flexibility in every fiber”.

Installing our new Superfici finishing system allowed us to expand our painted capabilities in terms of overall capacity and flexibility. Our 10 color quick change system allows seamless color changes while the robots maintain material handling flow with no manual intervention. The system is versatile such that we can pivot between water-based UV cured coatings and water-based enamels as well as between flush and molded profiles. The integrated sanding and auto-bagging reduced manual handling and provide a superior finished product. 

Our new paint and wrap system was a significant capital investment which required significant diligence before selecting a supplier. We chose Superfici largely due to their personal level of service and our confidence in their passion for finishing. Their Domestic US service and lab added a layer of confidence and our assessment of the SCM group technical abilities sealed the deal.

As with any highly complex multi-million-dollar custom automation solution, we experienced challenges along the way. From heavy seas damaging some components in transit to intermittent timing issues getting the line in sync, we collaborated with Italian and domestic technicians to work through to resolution. We hit some bumps, but resolution was always close at hand even when we needed to bring Italians back to our plant for additional training and support. The system is exceeding expectations and fueling growth in the architectural painted door segment”.

Bill Freeman, Mohawk Flush Doors – A Masonite Company 


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