Ставка на технологии

Among the numerous technologies on display, below are the new additions for each sector:


  • Stefani flexible square-edging cells "Easy Order AZ" for machining separate panels - THIENE
  • Stefani “Evolution” square-edging system with high production capacity - THIENE
  • Stefani “Solution” edging cells for softforming machining and edgeband application on recessed handle - THIENE
  • New Gabbiani quick and powerful cutting system for high productivity sectioning - RIMINI
  • Morbidelli “P800" flexible system with numerical control, for edgebanding, boring, routing and cutting of wooden components -RIMINI
  • Superfici and DMC flexible and productive solutions for the treatment of wooden components and/or other materials - THIENE and MONZA


Doors & Windows and solid wood

  • SCM “Accord WD” and “Integra” flexible cells for the production of door, window and stair components - RIMINI
  • New range of SCM series Accord FX machining centres ( 20-30-40 ) - RIMINI

Wooden construction and special machining operations

  • Routech “OIKOS 12” flexible cell for the production of roof and wall structural components
  • RIMINIRoutech “Chronos HT” multifunction cell for machining of special components for chairs, tables, furniture, plastic, aluminium and light alloys - RIMINI

Machinery for panel processing - Joinery and bespoke production
Accessible and great value technology:

  • The new range, L'invincible, comes with an exclusive design: even more models to choose from, with increased performance and advanced technology
  • New Minimax edgebanding machine ME35: top-of-the-range, with high frequency motors
  • New edgebanding machines for shaped panels: competitive, with the ultimate in performance
  • New Olimpic k 100 “entry level” edgebanding machine with rectifier
  • Olimpic K 560 range with new “Round” configuration
  • New Stefani edgebanding machine from the Solution range - even more hard working and flexible
  • Single-level Pratix S machining centre with new performance construction configurations including the new Nesting cell
  • Cnc “Tech” with new economical solutions for doors, no-maintenance dowel unit and new Autoset functionalities
  • Productivity and flexibility: Morbidelli Author “M Series” machining centres with solutions for 3/4/5 axis machines with new automatic plans and assisted piece positioning for maximum flexibility.

Software Solution

  • One to one con Xylog Maestro:
    workshop on the main group software focused on machining centres.